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Editing Spreadsheets in Microsoft Office 2003

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Want to learn to get the most out of the new features in Excel? This sample chapter covers everything from custom fills to tracking changes.
This chapter is from the book

Chapter 3: Editing Spreadsheets

In this chapter

  • The Clipboard Viewer
  • Editing with the Keyboard
  • Creating a Data Series
  • Creating a Custom Fill Series
  • Creating a Custom Fill to Define Linear or Growth Trends
  • Creating a Custom List or Series
  • Replacing Data
  • Tracking Changes Made by Multiple Users
  • Using Comments to Explain Cell Content
  • Linking Excel Data

The Clipboard Viewer

The Clipboard viewer maintains the items within its window so you can view, select, copy, and paste items at will. You can copy several items and paste them all at once with the Paste All command or even clear all copied items. To access the Clipboard viewer select the dropdown at the top of the worksheet task pane. If your task pane is not visible you access the task pane from the View menu and select Task Pane or press Ctrl+F1. The Clipboard viewer feature can be a hindrance to some users, but you can turn it off. To turn off the Clipboard viewer, select the Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard and select Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard, as shown in Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1Figure 3.1 To turn off the Clipboard viewer, click the Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard and choose the appropriate option.

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