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Exam Objectives

Let's take a look at the exam objectives you'll be tested on for the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam. There are eight categories of information you'll need to be familiar with for your exam.

Introduction to AdWords

This objective will test your fundamental knowledge of AdWords and how you'll create and manage AdWords accounts.

AdWords Account and Campaign Basics

Once you have a Google AdWords account, you need to manage it. This objective will test your knowledge of managing your account and client accounts, and how to edit ads. You'll also need to review the AdWords account structure, troubleshooting, and the recommended AdWords best practices.

AdWords and Ad Formats

The Google AdWords Fundamentals exam will test your knowledge on the basic rules of advertisements for text, image ads, video ads, mobile ads, and rich media display ads. This can be tricky even if you and your clients don't participate in all of these ad types.

AdWords Targeting and Placements

This exam objective will test your understanding of how the Google Content Network works. You'll need to be familiar with the concept of search targeting in the Search Network, how ads are positioned in the Display Network, and Device Platform Targeting for laptops and mobile phones. This is also the exam objective that introduces a running theme of the quality score for advertisements.

AdWords Bidding and Budgeting

You'll be tested on your knowledge of how to create cost-per-click (CPC) bids and the cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) bids for the networks into which you've opted. This objective covers the conversion optimizer and how bids affect where an ad is ranked in relation to competing advertisements.

Policies and Ad Quality Topics

As you might expect, there are rules that advertisers must follow for the AdWords program. You'll be tested on the policies for AdWords, editorial policies, trademark rules, copyright issues, and the policies that govern how your ad may, or may not, be approved.

Optimizing Performance

It's one thing to throw some bucks at a Google Ad, but it's a whole different thing to get results from the ad. This objective is about how you can improve the return on your investment for your company or the clients you may represent. You'll be tested on the basics of campaign improvement, ad group improvements, and website improvements. The exam will also throw some questions at you about the targeting tools, optimization tools, and tracking tools Google offers.

Selling and Representing AdWords

The final exam objective tests your knowledge on AdWords and your ability to sell the program to your clients. You'll be tested on the benefits of AdWords and maintaining client relationships.

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