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Samsung Galaxy Tab

The next level of eBook readers aren’t dedicated eBook readers at all, they’re tablet computers with eBook reader functionality. As such, they can do a lot more than just read eBooks—which is good, because they’re a lot more expensive than dedicated eBook devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab (see Figure 5) is the second current-generation tablet on the market (Apple’s iPad was first), but it’s attracting a lot of attention. With a 7” color screen, it’s similar in size and weight to the Kindle, NOOK, and other eBook readers. That screen is a color LCD touchscreen with a 1024 x 600 pixel display, with all the advantages and disadvantages offered by that screen technology.

Figure 5 Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet computer—also a decent little eBook reader.

Naturally, the Galaxy Tab includes WiFi and 3G wireless, as you’d expect from any computing device. Of course, you also get a web browser, music playback, and just about any other application available for the native Android operating system.

Speaking of apps, you’ll need one to read eBooks on your Galaxy Tab. There are several good (and free) eBook reader apps available, including an Android version of Amazon’s Kindle app. With the right app(s) installed, you should be able to read eBooks in all popular formats, MOBI and EPUB included.

Cost-wise, you pay a lot more for a tablet than you do a dedicated eBook reader. The Galaxy tab is available from most major mobile phone carriers; it lists for $599, although some carriers offer discount if you sign up for one of their data plans.

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