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  1. Search Everything Runs Rings Around Windows Search
  2. Working with Search Everything
  3. Other Search Everything "Administrivia" / Add Search Everything to Your Standard Windows Toolbox
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Like this article? We recommend

Other Search Everything “Administrivia”

If you install Search Everything on a Windows PC, you can turn off Windows Search if you like. But that means you will no longer see search boxes in Windows Explorer, the Start menu, in Control Panel, and in Libraries. I use the Search box in the Start menu so frequently myself that I just can’t bear to turn this facility off.

But if you insist, type “Windows Features” into the Windows 7 search box, then select Turn Windows features on or off among the resulting menu options that appear. Scroll down inside the Windows Features applet window, and uncheck the box next to Windows Search in this display, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

Figure 6 To turn Windows Search off, uncheck the box to its left.

I don’t recommend taking this step because of the loss of important functionality in Windows 7 (and Vista, and 8) that can result. But of course, it’s your PC, so this decision is entirely up to you. To me, the productivity losses totally swamp the minor annoyance reduction and performance improvement that results when Windows Search is unavailable.

Add Search Everything to Your Standard Windows Toolbox

I've found Search Everything to be an invaluable tool in finding stuff on my many desktop, notebook, and netbook PCs. It's easy to use, finds things quickly and easily, and turns things up that I can’t root out with Windows Search. Best of all, it's free (though its author does request donations, and I believe in supporting software that I use). If you try it, you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

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