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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Multimedia Sync for Macs and PCs (Galaxy Tab 7″)

Tucked away in your Galaxy Tab’s file directory is a free desktop program called Multimedia Sync by doubleTwist. When you connect to a computer by way of the Mass Storage USB mode on your Tab, you can install Multimedia Sync by clicking the Multimedia Sync application icon, found in your Tab’s file directory. Follow the prompts for installation on your computer. If you have issues installing the program from your Tab’s file directory, you can download it at doubletwist.com. Multimedia Sync enables you to sync your iTunes music, videos, and photos with your Galaxy Tab.

  1. After you have installed Multimedia Sync onto your computer, connect your Tab to your Mac or PC as Mass Storage.
  2. Launch Media Sync on your computer. Your Tab opens under the Devices list in the sidebar on the left side of the interface.
  3. Under Library, click Music to view the music files on your computer.
  4. Browse to the music that you want to move to your Tab.
  5. Select the music that you want, and then drag and drop it onto your device in the Devices list. The files have been copied to your Galaxy Tab.
  6. Click Playlist Setup.
  1. Click Import on your PC. If you are using a Mac, click Import iTunes Playlists. Your iTunes Playlists appear in the sidebar.
  2. If you are using a PC, select the Music tab at the top. If you are using a Mac, skip to step 10.
  3. Select the Import New Music from Device check box to import music from your Tab to your computer.
  4. Select the Sync Music to My Device check box.
  5. Select the Only the Selected option if you are using a PC. Select the Selected Playlists option for a Mac.
  6. Select the playlist(s) that you want to sync.
  7. Click Sync. The new music on your Tab is now synced to your computer, and the playlists you selected are synced to your Tab.
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