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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Playing Songs (Galaxy Tab 7″)

The Music Player shortcut on your Galaxy Tab was designed to make it easy for you to browse and play your music collection. A great set of headphones can enhance the enjoyment of your favorite music. The ability to browse your Galaxy Tab’s music library and understanding your playback options are a big step toward getting the most out of your Galaxy Tab’s many entertainment possibilities.

  1. Depending on which Galaxy Tab model or cellular carrier you use, the shortcut to the music player might be located on the main home screen or in the Applications menu. Tap the Music shortcut on your Tab.
  2. The music player categorizes your music library into five categories: Songs, Playlists, Albums, Artists, and Genres. Tap the Playlists tab to choose a song for playback.
  3. Tap Recently Added to view the new music that you recently transferred.
  4. Tap a Song in the list for playback. The small player controls appear.
  5. A thumbnail of the cover appears for the song you tapped. Tap the album cover thumbnail to make the graphic open full screen. The larger playback controls disappear after a few moments, but you can tap the screen to bring them back.
  6. Tap the Info icon to view media information regarding the track being played. Tap the icon again to hide the info.
  7. Tap the Favorites button that is shaped like a star to add a track to your list of favorite songs.
  8. Tap the Volume button to mute a track. You can also slide your finger across the scale to adjust the volume.
  9. Tap Shuffle to play songs in random order.
  10. Use the Playback controls to play, pause, reverse, or forward playback, and to move to the next or previous tracks.
  11. Tap Repeat to repeat the current song, repeat all songs, and disable repeat mode.
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