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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing YouTube Videos (Galaxy Tab 7″)

The high-resolution screen of the Galaxy Tab, along with its portability and built-in video camera, makes it great for viewing and sharing videos online, anywhere and anytime. The preinstalled YouTube widget gives you the capability to browse and view videos posted by users from around the world, as well as upload videos taken with your Galaxy Tab, as soon as you take them.

  1. Tap the YouTube widget on your home screen. A list of featured videos appears in three categories: Most Viewed, Most Discussed, and Top Rated. You can choose the View All option located at the end of each category to access a comprehensive list.
  2. Tap the video icon located at the top of the interface to access your Tab’s video camera and record a video. After you finish recording your video, your Galaxy Tab gives you the option of uploading to YouTube. You need to create a YouTube account before you can post your videos.
  3. Tap the Search icon to perform a keyword search for a YouTube video.
  4. Tap the Information icon located to the far right of each video in the list to read the video description.
  5. Tap the disclosure arrow to reveal the entire video description.
  6. Tap Rate to rate the video using a five-star rating system. You need to be logged into your YouTube account before you can rate videos.
  7. Tap Comments to read the comments that other viewers have written for the video.
  8. Tap Favorite to add this video to your Favorites list, which you can return to at a later time.
  9. Tap Share to share the video via Bluetooth, Gmail, or Messaging.
  10. Tap Flag to flag a video as inappropriate. You need to be logged in to your YouTube account to flag a video.
  11. Tap the thumbnail to begin to play the video.
  12. Tap the user’s tab to visit the YouTube member’s channel and view a list of all of the videos that member has uploaded.
  13. Tap Subscribe to be sent notifications when this YouTube member uploads any new videos.
  14. Press the Menu button on your Tab to upload your previously recorded videos to your channel and to customize your YouTube Settings. You can also access your YouTube account from this menu.
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