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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Copying Files with Windows Media Player (Galaxy Tab 7″)

When you connect your Galaxy Tab to your PC with the data cable, you can choose between various USB modes to synchronize your Galaxy Tab. The Media Player USB mode enables you to use just a few steps to copy files between your computer and your Galaxy Tab with Windows Media Player. Follow these steps to copy music and movies to your Galaxy Tab.

  1. Connect the data cable from the Galaxy Tab to the USB port on your computer.
  2. Your Tab’s screen asks you to select a USB Mode. Tap Media Player to copy files using Windows Media Player. After you tap the Media Player option, your PC asks, “What do you want Windows to do?”
  3. The Transfer Files Using Windows Media Player option is automatically selected. Click OK to launch Media Player.
  1. Windows Media Player opens with the Copy to CD or Device tab open on the far left of the interface. Click the disclosure arrow in the Items to Copy Field. A list of media available for you to copy displays.
  2. Choose the Playlist that you want to copy from the drop-down list. Keep in mind that if you want to copy videos to your Tab, you could also select All Video Clips from the list.
  3. The list of music you select appears in the Items to Copy field. All tracks are selected by default. You can deselect any songs that you do not want to copy.
  4. Click the disclosure arrow in the Items on Device field. The list of locations in which you can copy the files is shown.
  5. Click MTP Device-Card to copy to your MicroSD card in your Tab. If you don’t have a memory card installed in your Tab, choose MTP Device-Phone.
  1. Select a folder.
  2. Click Copy to begin copying the files from your PC to your Galaxy Tab. The music is now available for playback by tapping the Music widget on your Tab.
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