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Q: Is it possible to get Windows 95, 98, or 2000 in Spanish?

A: Claro que sié! Microsoft offers Windows in 31 languages, including Spanish. You might have a little trouble finding non-English versions of Windows in retail stores, so buy online at a site such as World Language Resources (www.worldlanguage.com, 800-900-8803).

International versions of Windows have the same features as the U.S. version with one exception: no Web TV software. If you have a TV tuner card in your computer, you'll have to find the software for it somewhere else.

For Spanish language support, visit Microsoft Mexico at www.microsoft.com/mexico. You also can find many books about Windows in Spanish.

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Poor Leo's 2002 Computer Almanac

This chapter is from the book

Poor Leo's 2002 Computer Almanac


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