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What Damage Can Hackers Do?

Hackers like to subvert computer security without permission. They are cyber criminals. This can mean gaining access to a computer across the Internet for illicit purposes. They might engage in any of the following activities:

  • Vandalism—Destruction or digital defacement of a computer or its data for destruction’s sake. Sometimes this is ego-driven. They break in and leave their mark to show they’ve been there.
  • Hacktivism—A form of vandalism or electronic civil disobedience with a political agenda. Usually hacktivists have altruistic motives.
  • Theft—Gaining access to intellectual or proprietary technology or information, sometimes for resale.
  • Hijacking—Many of the financially motivated hackers are interested in using viruses and Trojan horses to hijack your computer so they can remotely control it for their own purposes.
  • Identity theft—Electronic theft of personal information that can be used to steal financial resources from an individual or corporation.
  • Terrorism—Some experts believe that terrorists will eventually launch an attack using hacking techniques.
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