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Entering Data

  • Jul 31, 2006
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You create a database and database tables so that you can store your information in a usable format. You might store information about contacts, products, inventory, events, members, invoices, orders, customers, or any other collection of related data. You can set up multiple tables in your database.

In Access, a table is divided into fields, and each field contains one piece of information such as a last name or a price. One completed set of fields is a record. For instance, in a contact database, the name, address, phone, and other entries for one contact is one record.

This part covers how to enter data into a database table, creating the records for your database table. You also learn how to work with the records, edit data, sort records, print data, and so on.

Opening and Closing a Table in Datasheet View

1After you've opened the database that contains the table you want to open, click the Tables option in the Objects bar to display the available tables in that database.

2Click the table you want to open.

3Click the Open button in the database window's toolbar.

4The table opens in Datasheet view. If you have entered records in the table, they are visible; if not, the table is blank.

5To close the table window, click its Close button.

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Easy Microsoft Office Access 2003

This chapter is from the book

Easy Microsoft Office Access 2003


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