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Que Video: How To Protect Your Online Security When Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
By Jason R. Rich
Jul 2, 2014
This video offers basic tips and strategies for maintaining your safety and security when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet cafes and other peoples' computers when surfing the web and participating in various online activities.
Que Video: How to Avoid Email Scams and Protect Yourself from Online Phishing
By Jason R. Rich
Jul 1, 2014
This video explains what phishing emails are, what they look like, how to avoid them, and what to do (and not do) if they're received. It also outlines basic strategies for protecting your privacy and security online.
Que Video: Five Tips For Protecting Your Children Online
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 30, 2014
This video will offer tips for parents on how to monitor and manage the online activities of their kids/teens, and offer tips for keeping their kids/teens safe when surfing the web, participating in social media, playing online games, etc.
Que Video: How to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles Before Applying for Jobs or to College
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 27, 2014
This video will explain what should be done BEFORE someone applies to school or for a new job in terms of cleaning up content related to them that's online.
Que Video: Managing Facebook Privacy Settings: How and Why You Should Take Advantage of Them
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 27, 2014
This video will explain how to use Facebook's privacy settings and why this is important.
Que Video: Five iPhone / iPad Security Tips for Online Shopping, Banking, and Surfing the Web
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 26, 2014
This video will explain precautionary strategies to implement when shopping online, using online banking services and/or surfing the web.
Que Video: Use iCloud to Transfer Digital Photos from an iPhone/iPad to a Mac Using Shared Photo Streams
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 26, 2014
Learn how to select the images you've taken using the cameras built into your iPhone or iPad, and transfer them to a Mac using the iCloud Shared Photo Streams feature.
Que Video: How to Create and Manage Passwords
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 25, 2014
Everyone has dozens of different usernames and passwords to keep track of. This video will explain how to create secure passwords, stress the importance of changing passwords regularly, and offer tips on how to manage/remember passwords.
Que Video: How to Use the Maps App That's Built into iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 25, 2014
In this video, Jason R. Rich explains how to use the Maps app that comes preinstalled with iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad.
Top Windows 8.1 Apps: Food and Dining
By Michael Miller
May 23, 2014
This chapter runs down the best Windows 8.1 apps for recipes, restaurant reservations, restaurant reviews, and wine and cocktail creation.
Enabling and Managing Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Screen Saver
By Eric Butow
Apr 28, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes with its own screensaver called Daydream that you can turn on when the Tab 3 is docked or inactive. You can also download and install a screensaver from the Google Play Store to run when your Tab 3 is inactive. Eric Butow shares all the details.
LEGO Has Gone Interactive
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 25, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at how LEGO toys have gone from traditional and extremely popular plastic building bricks originally created in 1932 to interactive play experiences, thanks to a handful of iPhone and iPad apps, online games, and other high-tech products.
Changing Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Display Settings
By Eric Butow
Apr 24, 2014
There are plenty of ways to modify the look and behavior of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 screen so the device reflects your personal style. Eric Butow shows you how to change screen settings including screen brightness, the background wallpaper, and when the screen turns off automatically.
Keep Your Web Surfing History Private when Using Safari on the iPhone/iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 23, 2014
Jason R. Rich discusses ways to keep your web surfing history and activities private when using the Safari browser on your iOS mobile device. Meanwhile, you can reverse some of the information offered within this article to keep close tabs on the web surfing activities of your kids.
Viewing Data Usage, Sharing Media, and Sharing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Screen
By Eric Butow
Apr 21, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 makes it easy to see how different apps and features on the device use data within the Settings screen. Eric Butow shows how to view data usage, share media files, and share your Tab 3 screen with another device.
Editing and Correcting Movie Clips in iMovie
By Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan, Craig Johnston
Apr 18, 2014
In this chapter, you find out how to modify your clips in a movie project by editing and correcting the clips in their duration or orientation as well as correcting video that is shaky or blurry.
Five Innovative Ways to Use an iPhone or iPad When You Travel
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 17, 2014
In this article, Jason R. Rich offers a handful of useful tips that will help you get the most use from your iPhone or iPad when traveling, especially when on a business trip or while vacationing overseas.
Syncing and Managing Cloud Services on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
By Eric Butow
Apr 16, 2014
If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is connected to a cloud service such as Dropbox or your Samsung account, you can change cloud service settings within the Cloud page on the Settings screen. Eric Butow shows you how to view the information about your cloud service(s) and how to change cloud service settings.
Discover What's New in the iOS 7 Editions of iWork for iOS Apps
By Jason Rich
Apr 15, 2014
Jason R. Rich gives you a look at the latest versions of the iWork for iOS apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You'll discover the new features and functions that have been added, including better integration with the iWork for Mac and iWork for iCloud apps.
Getting Started with Siri
By Erica Sadun, Steve Sande
Apr 15, 2014
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to get started with Siri: how to enable it, launch the service, and try it out. You’ll read about how to speak, how to recover from mistakes, and how to access Siri in a variety of ways.

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