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Que Video: How to Use the Maps App That's Built into iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad
By Jason Rich
Jun 25, 2014
In this video, Jason R. Rich explains how to use the Maps app that comes preinstalled with iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad.
Examining Xbox Live: What Do You Get?
By Bill Loguidice, Christina T. Loguidice
Jun 24, 2014
This chapter explains about Xbox Live and the different membership levels, earning achievements, accessing your account on other consoles, and how updates work.
Learn 3D Modeling Basics with Tinkercad
By James Floyd Kelly
Jun 20, 2014
This chapter teaches the components necessary for a simple 3D model. Upon completion you will have learned many of the standard features that Tinkercad offers for 3D modeling.
Increasing Storage Space on Boot/System SSDs for Mobile Devices
By Ed Tittel, Kim Lindros
Jun 18, 2014
Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel show you how to use the graphical disk analyzers WinDirStat and SpaceSniffer to free up space on disks, especially on SSDs where disk space is usually at a premium.
Working with OneDrive in Windows 8.1
By Katherine Murray
Jun 18, 2014
Working in the cloud may sound strange at first, but you’ll quickly learn to love accessing your files from any device, anytime. This is an introduction to OneDrive and shows you how to start working with your files in the cloud.
Getting Started with Google Apps
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge, Sherry Kinkoph Gunter
Jun 17, 2014
This chapter describes and explains the various Google Apps and shows how to signup for an account.
Reducing the Amount of Storage Space Required for Windows Driver Store
By Ed Tittel, Kim Lindros
Jun 11, 2014
Learn about the Refresh Your PC feature in Windows 8.1 by using the Windows RecImg command to make a custom recovery image of a computer's disk and an alternative: the Slimware Utilities' RecImg Manager application.
Backup and Restore for Windows 8.1
By Ed Tittel, Kim Lindros
Jun 4, 2014
Learn about the Refresh Your PC feature in Windows 8.1 by using the Windows RecImg command to make a custom recovery image of a computer's disk and an alternative: the Slimware Utilities' RecImg Manager application.
Introduction to Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2013
By Conrad Carlberg
May 26, 2014
Conrad Carlberg discusses the balance he chose between teaching statistics and Excel in the introduction to his book Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2013.
Top Windows 8.1 Apps: Food and Dining
By Michael Miller
May 23, 2014
This chapter runs down the best Windows 8.1 apps for recipes, restaurant reservations, restaurant reviews, and wine and cocktail creation.
The Google Hangout Revolution
By David Amerland
May 22, 2014
This chapter looks at what Hangouts actually are, why they are such a big thing, what drives them, and what you need to get started.
Statistical Analysis with Microsoft Excel 2013: About Variables and Values
By Conrad Carlberg
May 20, 2014
Conrad Carlberg explains how variables and values are at the heart of how you represent data in Excel — and how they have implications when performing statistical analysis using Excel.
Using Time-Saving Features in QuickBooks 2014
By Gail Perry, Michelle Long
May 19, 2014
Save time by learning how to use QuickBooks' time-saving features such as memorized transactions, groups, recurring transactions, and reminders.
Connecting Your Social Media in Windows 8.1
By Katherine Murray
May 15, 2014
Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to connect all the devices in your household so that you can find and share the files and media you need. Katherine Murray shows you how to add and manage devices in Windows 8.1.
Protect Your Online Privacy by Removing Exif Data from Your Photos
By Timothy L. Warner
May 15, 2014
To better protect your online confidentiality, it is crucial to learn what Exif data is, how to view it, and how to strip it from your digital images before you put them on the public Internet.
Attracting Girls to STEM: Four Ways Women in Tech Can Help
By Thursday Bram
May 13, 2014
As a female technical professional, how can you help to improve the decreasing numbers and high attrition rate of women in technology? By smoothing rough paths for your colleagues and upcoming newbies. Writer and entrepreneur Thursday Bram suggests four important ways in which technology professionals can help to attract more girls to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and help to keep those women on their chosen path.
Using WordPress: Content
By Tris Hussey
May 13, 2014
This chapter is all about content - putting words in your WordPress blog: different types of content, how to create content, and specific things about each content type.
Encrypting Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
By Eric Butow
May 1, 2014
If you want to encrypt your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so no unauthorized users can use it, you can employ various encryption features. Eric Butow shows you how to have the Tab 3 encrypt the device itself as well as encrypt an external SD card.
Managing Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Security and the Lock Screen
By Eric Butow
May 1, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 contains a number of security options you can change in the Settings screen. Eric Butow shows you how to change remote access, administer the device, change credentials, and determine what happens when you swipe on the Lock screen.
Manage QuickBooks or Quicken Data from Your Tablet
By Jason Rich
Apr 29, 2014
Jason R. Rich describes these mobile tools that enable you to access and manage your Quicken or Quickbooks financial data directly from your iPhone or iPad.

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