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Using Google Maps on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Mar 19, 2015
In autumn 2014, Google updated its Maps app on Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. These updates not only add new features but also change how you use the app to find locations and get directions to a location. This article updates Chapter 10 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with step-by-step instructions for performing tasks in Maps. The first task you learn about is how to find a location and local information. Next, you learn how to get directions. Then you learn how to access voice command directions. Finally, you learn how to share your location in Google+.
Exploring Updated Google Music and Video Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Mar 18, 2015
In autumn 2014, Google updated its Play Movies & TV app for watching movies and television shows and its Google Play Music app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. This article updates information in Chapter 12 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to show you how to use the updated versions of these two multimedia apps. You start by learning how to download a TV show to watch on the Tab 4. Next, you learn how to shop for a movie. Then you learn how to download music in the Google Play Music app. Finally, you learn how to play downloaded music in the Play Music app.
Increasing Your Gmail Productivity
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Mar 18, 2015
Has email taken over your day? In this chapter from Gmail Tips, Tricks, and Tools: Streamline Your Inbox, Increase Your Email Productivity, and Save Hours a Week, Patrice-Anne Rutledge will show you a four-step process for resolving email overwhelm, how to clean up your inbox, process your email, and manage multiple email accounts.
Finding New Apps from Google and Samsung on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Mar 17, 2015
As part of a major update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 operating system and apps in autumn 2014, Google and Samsung made a number of changes to their apps that help you find apps written for Android 4.4, or KitKat. This article updates Chapter 16 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 including the new functionality of the Google Play Store app and the new GALAXY Apps app, which replaces Samsung Apps. You start by learning about the changes in functionality within the Google Play Store apps. Then you learn how to purchase apps within the Play Store. Next, you learn how to upgrade from the Samsung Apps app to GALAXY Apps, so you can start shopping for apps designed for the Tab 4. Finally, you learn how to navigate within GALAXY Apps when you search for apps to download.
Go Further with Downloaded Apps on the Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Mar 16, 2015
Although some apps in the Galaxy Tab 3 aren't available in the Tab 4, you can still download the apps from the Google Play Store. You can also check your social networking profiles by downloading Android apps for Facebook and Twitter. Eric Butow, author of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, shows you how.
Finding and Adding Widgets to Your Home Screens on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Mar 13, 2015
In autumn 2014, both Samsung and Google updated the number of widgets that were available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, so you can add them to a Home screen. A widget is a small, portable piece of code that you can interact with like a miniature app. Learn about the updates to Chapter 5 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 about widgets in Android 4.4, or KitKat. You begin by learning about the widgets that have been removed from the Tab 4 between the time My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was written and late December 2014. Next, you take a tour of the 39 widgets you can choose from in the Widgets tab within the Apps screen. Finally, you learn how to add a widget to a Home screen.
Discovering Preinstalled KitKat Apps on the Galaxy Tab 3
By Eric Butow
Mar 12, 2015
KitKat brings updated apps to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, including GALAXY Apps, Google Maps, and Google Play Books. In this article, Eric Butow shows you more about using these new KitKat apps and reviews the app widgets available to you in KitKat.
Shopping for Books and Magazines on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Mar 11, 2015
As part of its autumn 2014 upgrade cycle, Google upgraded the Google Play Books and Google Play Newsstand apps for use on Android. Google also renamed Play Magazines to Play Newsstand with this latest upgrade. The updated apps help you shop for and read books and magazines more easily on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, and this article updates information from Chapter 13 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with all these new updates.
Get to Know Your Amazon Fire Phone
By Lonzell Watson
Mar 2, 2015
In this chapter from My Amazon Fire Phone, you learn about the external and internal features of the Amazon Fire phone and the basics of getting started.
Taking and Editing Pictures with Your Android Tablet
By Craig James Johnston
Feb 27, 2015
In this chapter from My Android Tablet, you learn how to take pictures with your Android tablet, how to store them, and how to share them with friends.
So You Want to Start a Technical Blog
By Thursday Bram
Feb 20, 2015
Everybody’s doing it. And by “it,” we mean blogging. You know you want to. You’ve got something to say and people need to hear it. Follow these down-to-earth tips and tricks about getting your feet wet in the world of technology blogs.
Working with Layers in Photoshop Elements 13
By Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan
Jan 27, 2015
In this chapter from My Photoshop Elements 13, you learn how to work with layers in Photoshop Elements 13. Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan explains layers and Mask layers and shows how to use them to work with your photos to create a design composite.
Video: Predictive Analytics with Excel: Smoothing Constant and Exponentiation
By Conrad Carlberg
Jan 23, 2015
In this excerpt from Predictive Analytics with Excel LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Video: Exponential Smoothing and Autoregression, Conrad Carlberg takes a look a exponential smoothing.
Using Private Mode to Hide Sensitive Files on Your Samsung Galaxy S5
By Steve Schwartz
Jan 15, 2015
If you want to secure your Samsung Galaxy S5, you probably know about specifying a secure lock screen method, encrypting the phone and its SD card, and the availability of the Samsung Knox software. However, because it isn't a Security setting, you may not have noticed the new Private Mode. In this article, Steve Schwartz explains how to use Private Mode to selectively hide photos, videos, and business documents on your Galaxy S5, making them invisible to anyone who borrows or makes off with your phone.
Build Your Own Web-Interacting Robots
By John Baichtal
Jan 12, 2015
Wouldn't it be cool if you could trigger a robot via the Web to perform some activity, even if you're halfway across the planet from your device? You can! John Baichtal, author of Robot Builder: The Beginner's Guide to Building Robots, shows how easily you can do it.
How to Upgrade Your Mac to OS X Yosemite and Get Acquainted with Apple’s Latest Operating System
By Jason R. Rich
Jan 7, 2015
In this article, Jason R. Rich explains how to upgrade your compatible Mac to OS X Yosemite and take advantage of the new features and functions this latest edition of the Mac operating system has to offer.
The Ultimate Player's Guide to Minecraft - PlayStation Edition: Gathering Resources
By Stephen O'Brien
Jan 7, 2015
This chapter from The Ultimate Player's Guide to Minecraft - PlayStation Edition is about building the foundation you can use to launch into the rest of the game. Your focus is on a few key points: build an outdoor shelter, find food to stave off hunger, improve your collection of tools, and build a chest to safely store items.
Power Up Your Robots with an L293D Chip
By John Baichtal
Jan 5, 2015
John Baichtal, author of Robot Builder: The Beginner's Guide to Building Robots, shows how to use an inexpensive and widely available L293D chip to control a motor. Get your robot up and running - in any direction, and at any speed - with a few simple steps and a little bit of code.
Recording OTA TV with Tivo's Roamio
By Michael Miller
Jan 5, 2015
Roamio is Tivo’s new set top box designed for recording over the air programming, as well as programs from various Internet-based services, including Netflix and Hulu. In this article, author Michael Miller discusses who Roamio is designed for, and how it can make life easier for all the cable cutters out there.
Working with Records in FileMaker Pro 13
By Tim Dietrich
Jan 5, 2015
In this chapter from FileMaker Pro 13 Absolute Beginner's Guide, explore and work with the Filemaker database. You change, add, and delete records; navigate through records and layouts; and much more.

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