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Navigating in Windows 8 with Touch and Keyboard
By Katherine Murray
Nov 9, 2011
Katherine Murray introduces readers to the new Metro UI in the Windows 8 developer preview.
Easy Sharing in Windows 8
By Katherine Murray
Nov 7, 2011
Katherine Murray lets us peek at app-to-app sharing in the Windows 8 developer preview and introduces Windows 8 charms, which will help us to do more with the data and apps in Windows 8.
Dealing with Fallout from Windows Update
By Ed Tittel
Sep 19, 2011
Ed Tittel explains how to handle the occasional wobbles that sometimes follow in the wake of Windows Update.
How to Capture a Screenshot in Windows 7
By Michael Miller
Aug 31, 2011
How do you take a picture of your computer screen? Michael Miller shows you how to capture a snapshot of any Windows 7 screen or window.
System Protection in Windows 7
By Eric Geier
Jun 30, 2011
System Protection is a feature available in all Windows 7 editions that helps protect your system and personal files. Eric Geier walks you through the two functions of System Protection and shows you how to use them.
Fixing Boot and Crash Problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7
By Eric Geier
Jun 15, 2011
Eric Geier points out some basic fixes for Windows Vista and Windows 7 to try before hauling your PC to your local computer shop.
Secure Your Windows 7 System Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Mar 9, 2011
John Traenkenschuh presents three simple tasks to help you secure your Windows 7 system: create backups, consider optional security software, and control the interfaces to the system.
Using Windows 7’s “God Mode”
By Michael Miller
Jan 27, 2011
If you want total control of your Windows 7 computer, you need to enter Windows’ secret “God Mode.” Learn how in this article by Michael Miller, author of Que’s Windows 7 Your Way: Speed Up and Customize Windows.
Windows 7 Scripting and Objects
By Brian Knittel
Jan 5, 2011
In this chapter Brian Knittel introduces the concepts of objects, methods, and properties in Windows 7.
Enjoying Photos and Media in Windows 7
By Mark Edward Soper
Oct 12, 2010
This chapter shows how to use the media tools Windows 7 to view and print photos, listen to music, and watch movies, TV shows, and online video content.
Extending Your Wireless Home Network
By Michael Miller
Oct 4, 2010
What do you do when you can’t receive a strong wireless signal at the far end of your house? In this article, Michael Miller, author of Windows 7 Your Way and Wireless Networking with Windows Vista, discusses several ways to extend the range of your wireless home network — and stay connected everywhere in your house.
Customizing the Windows 7 Taskbar
By Michael Miller
Oct 1, 2010
You can become much more productive with Windows 7 by personalizing the operating system’s taskbar. In this article, Michael Miller, author of Windows 7 Your Way: Speed Up and Customize Windows, shows you how to customize the Windows 7 taskbar — your way.
Supercharging Windows 7 Libraries
By Mark Edward Soper
Sep 17, 2010
Windows 7’s new Libraries feature makes file management easier and more powerful than in any previous Windows version. In this article, Windows expert Mark Edward Soper shows you how to customize Windows 7 libraries to make them even more powerful and useful for you.
Windows 7 Remote Assistance and the Problem Steps Recorder
By J. Peter Bruzzese, Nick Saccomanno
Aug 23, 2010
It can be tough to move to a new (or substantially updated) operating system. J. Peter Bruzzese and Nick Saccomanno discuss two applications packaged with Windows 7 that will hopefully make the transition a lot easier.
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Windows Security
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Aug 13, 2010
J. Peter Bruzzese provides insight into some examples of security enhancements in Windows you might (or might not) be aware of.
Ways To Make Your System Feel Like An Extension Of You
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Aug 12, 2010
J. Peter Bruzzese shows how you can change the background, the Screen Saver, and the font sizes to make Windows 7 a reflection of your personality and needs.
What Is Active Directory?
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Aug 11, 2010
For those who like to understand the "behind the scenes" world of their corporate network, J. Peter Bruzzese explains what Active Directory is and how it fits into the network — and desktop — design.
Social Engineering and Your Browser
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Aug 10, 2010
J. Peter Bruzzese describes some common social engineering scams and explains your web browser's role in protecting you from them.
Using Control Panel Applications (Without Opening Control Panel)
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Aug 9, 2010
J. Peter Bruzzese provides a few ways to access Control Panel mini-applications more quickly than by using the Control Panel itself.
Working with PowerShell v2
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Aug 9, 2010
J. Peter Bruzzese explains what PowerShell v2 is and what exactly it is doing on your Windows 7 computer.

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