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Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell
By Eric Geier
Dec 11, 2009
Eric Geier introduces you to PowerShell, including the new 2.0 version, and covers some basic commands to get you started.
How Paul McFedries Gets Under the Hood of Microsoft Products
By Linda Leung, Paul McFedries
Dec 10, 2009
Paul McFedries talks about his books, why he decided to take a diversion from the Microsoft path and write about OS X, and why he loves to track new words and phrases as they enter the English language.
Using Homegroups in Windows 7
By Mark Edward Soper
Dec 9, 2009
Windows 7 and home networks expert Mark Edward Soper shows you how to set up and manage a homegroup.
Personalizing Your Windows 7 Desktop with Themes and Slideshows
By Michael Miller
Dec 7, 2009
Microsoft Windows 7 offers more personalization options than ever before, as you'll discover in this article by Michael Miller.
Using the Windows 7 User Interface
By Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel
Dec 3, 2009
This chapter provides an introduction to the Windows 7 user interface to help previous Windows users up to speed quickly with all the changes.
Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
Dec 3, 2009
Steve Johnson offers a handy list of keyboard shortcuts available in Windows 7.
Examining the Windows 7 Action Center
By Michael Miller
Dec 2, 2009
Michael Miller shows you how the Action Center helps you keep your computer secure and in tip-top running condition.
Understanding How Your Computer Works
By Michael Miller
Dec 2, 2009
Michael Miller walks you through the basic components and common peripherals of your computer system.
Getting to Know Windows 7
By Michael Miller
Dec 1, 2009
Michael Miller gives an introductory tour of Windows 7.
Windows XP Mode on Windows 7: Virtually Worthwhile
By Ed Tittel
Dec 1, 2009
Ed Tittel shows how you can use this virtual PC based environment to run older applications that donโ€™t work with Windows 7 or Vista.
Making Sure You're Ready for Windows 7
By Mark Edward Soper
Nov 30, 2009
Mark Edward Soper guides you through the steps you can take now to make sure you can put Windows 7 to work — immediately.
Getting Started with Windows 7
By Eric Geier
Nov 27, 2009
Thinking about upgrading to Windows 7? Let Eric Geier help you get started.
Personalizing Windows 7
By Michael Miller
Nov 26, 2009
Michael Miller shows some of the many different ways to personalize the look and feel of your Windows 7 desktop.
Working with Files, Folders, and Disks in Windows 7
By Michael Miller
Nov 25, 2009
Michael Miller explains how to manage the data stored on your computer with Windowsโ€™ files, folders, and disks.
How to Network with HomeGroup in Windows 7
By Eric Geier
Nov 24, 2009
Eric Geier shows you exactly how to start, join, and share within a Windows 7 HomeGroup.
Ten Ways Windows 7 Is Better than Vista
By Mark Edward Soper
Nov 24, 2009
Mark Edward Soper gives you 10 important reasons to make the move from Windows Vista to Windows 7.
Windows 7 Gadgets: No Sidebar Required
By Michael Miller
Nov 20, 2009
Michael Miller discusses what's new with gadgets in Windows 7, and shows how to find and download new gadgets to your desktop.
Introducing Windows 7
By Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel
Nov 18, 2009
Robert Cowart and Brian Knittle talk about what Windows 7 is and is not.
A Video Tour of Windows Media Center 7
By Michael Miller
Nov 16, 2009
Michael Miller discusses Windows Media Center, specifically the features that are new in Windows 7.
The Windows 7 Media Center: New and Improved
By Michael Miller
Nov 13, 2009
Michael Miller discusses the changes made to Media Center in Microsoft Windows 7.

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