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What’s New with Evernote? Five Big Features
By Katherine Murray
Mar 19, 2012
Katherine Murray introduces five new features recently rolled out for Evernote users.
Revisiting the Evernote/Microsoft OneNote Competitive Landscape
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 9, 2012
Peter O'Kelly highlights some of the differences between Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.
OneNote for iPad: Ample Room for Improvement
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 8, 2012
Peter O'Kelly explains how the limitations in the initial release of OneNote for iPad might frustrate people who have more elaborate information-management needs.
OneNote for iPad: A Hopeful Leading Indicator
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 7, 2012
Peter O'Kelly provides an overview of OneNote for iPad, along with some analysis of what Microsoft may do next with OneNote for Windows, iPad, and other platforms.
Tweeting To and From Your Evernote Account
By Katherine Murray
Mar 5, 2012
Katherine Murray shows how you can follow people and subjects on Twitter that bring the information you're looking for right to your browser window. And, thanks to Evernote, you can send the tweets you want to keep directly to your Evernote notebook, too.
Capturing Audio Notes in Evernote
By Katherine Murray
Mar 2, 2012
Katherine Murray shows you how to record, save, and manage audio notes in Evernote, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
Alternatives To Apple’s iWork Apps For Managing Microsoft Office Files On An iPad
By Jason Rich
Mar 1, 2012
Jason R. Rich offers a handful of solutions for iPad users who want to create, view, edit, print, and share Microsoft Office-compatible files and documents on their tablet.
Excel Web App Improvements, Part 2
By Laura Acklen
Dec 13, 2011
Laura Acklen covers the enhancements to the Excel Web App in the second installment in a multi-part series.
Adding Ink in Microsoft OneNote
By Laura Acklen
Dec 12, 2011
After a brief but vigorous campaign by pen users, Microsoft added ink rendering to its OneNote Web App. Office expert Laura Acklen walks you through it.
Excel Web App Improvements, Part 1
By Laura Acklen
Dec 12, 2011
Laura Acklen describes (in this first in a multi-part series) the latest updates to the Excel Web App.
Microsoft Office 365 First Impression
By Tom Bunzel
Sep 12, 2011
Tom Bunzel runs through some of the key features and capabilities of Microsoft Office 365.
New Versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Make Work on the Go Easier
By Jason Rich
Sep 7, 2011
Jason R. Rich explains some of the newest features added to the latest versions of the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote iPad apps, plus offers a preview of what you'll be able to do with these apps once iOS 5 is released this Fall.
How iPhone and iPad Users Can Get Started Using Apple's iCloud
By Jason Rich
Aug 26, 2011
Jason R. Rich introduces you to Apple's new iCloud online file sharing service, and discusses how iPhone and iPad users can best utilize this free service, starting when they upgrade their devices to iOS 5 this fall.
Solutions to the Top Five Mistakes Made by iPad and iPad 2 Users
By Jason Rich
Aug 25, 2011
Jason R. Rich shows how to overcome five of the most common mistakes iPad and iPad 2 users make when using their tablet.
Using the New Version of Pages for Word Processing on Your iPhone
By Jason Rich
Aug 23, 2011
As described by Jason R. Rich, Pages gives you full word processing capabilities on your iOS mobile device, which is compatible with Microsoft Word.
Discover LibreOffice, a Free MS Office Alternative
By Eric Geier
Aug 9, 2011
If you don’t have Microsoft Office, consider a free alternative that gives you the same basic programs and features. Eric Geier introduces you to LibreOffice, a fork of the popular OpenOffice.org (OOo) suite.
Statistical Analysis with Excel 2010: Using Excel with the Normal Distribution
By Conrad Carlberg
Jun 22, 2011
Excel offers more worksheet functions that pertain to the normal distribution than to any other. This chapter explains what a normal distribution is and how to use those Excel functions that map it.
Working with Mobile Devices When Designing Data-Driven Applications
By Jesse Feiler
Jun 14, 2011
Jesse Feiler discusses how to account for the unique features of mobile devices, such as touchscreens and their methods of manipulating text, when developing your apps.
The Top Office Suites for iPad
By Ryan Faas
Jun 13, 2011
Ryan Faas discusses ways to create images and presentations (and to show them), work with financial data, and even type long form content with new office suites for the iPad.
Improve Your Pivot Tables with PowerPivot for Excel 2010
By Bill Jelen
May 31, 2011
Bill "MrExcel" Jelen walks you through the five benefits of PowerPivot (and shows you solutions to five problems pivot tables could never resolve).

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