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Increasing Storage Space on Boot/System SSDs for Mobile Devices
By Ed Tittel, Kim Lindros
Jun 18, 2014
Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel show you how to use the graphical disk analyzers WinDirStat and SpaceSniffer to free up space on disks, especially on SSDs where disk space is usually at a premium.
Informit.com's 2007 Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming Machine on a Budget, Part 1
By Cyrus Peikari
May 25, 2007
In this three-part series, Cyrus Peikari examines the fastest video cards, high-end RAM, and more, with the goal of aiming for a cold, quiet box that will help you “own the newbs” without breaking your bank.
Informit.com's 2007 Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming Machine on a Budget, Part 2
By Cyrus Peikari
Jun 1, 2007
In Part 2 of this three-part series, Cyrus Peikari walks you through the next two difficult decisions: choosing a graphics card and memory.
Informit.com's 2007 Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming Machine on a Budget, Part 3
By Cyrus Peikari
Jun 8, 2007
Cyrus Peikari looks at noise reduction, performance, and energy benchmarks.
Intel's Growing Family of 64-bit Processors
By Scott Mueller
Mar 11, 2005
Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC): The PC Re-Imagined
By Ed Tittel
Apr 29, 2013
For users who don't require serious graphics capability or huge volumes of storage, Ed Tittel describes why the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is definitely worth consideration.
Interacting with Siri: Your Voice-Controlled Assistant
By Jason Rich
Dec 27, 2012
This chapter shows what you can use Siri to help with and provides tips for speaking in ways Siri is most likely to understand.
Introduction to Apple’s New iTunes Radio Service
By Jason Rich
Sep 27, 2013
In this article, you discover how to stream music for free from the Internet using Apple’s new iTunes Radio service, which you can access from the iOS 7 version of the Music app when your iOS mobile device has Internet access.
iPad 2 Cases and Accessories for Business People On The Go
By Jason Rich
Apr 25, 2011
Jason Rich offers information about ways to protect your Apple iPad 2 while it's in use or being transported.
iPad or eReader: What Should Book-Lovers Buy?
By Sam Costello
Dec 28, 2011
To make a smart purchase, and to join the eBook revolution, Sam Costello gives you some answers and helps you figure out what eReader or tablet is best for you.
iPad or Laptop: Which Is Best for Your Middle Schooler?
By Sam Costello
Dec 28, 2011
If you want to equip your child with the technology that can help him excel, you need to figure out what best suits the needs of your middle schooler. Sam Costello can lead you in the right direction.
Is 8-12 GB the "New Normal" for RAM Size, or Should You Go Bigger?
By Ed Tittel
Aug 16, 2012
Upping the memory ceiling on Windows PCs is mostly a matter of choosing 8, 12, 16, or more GB. Find out about some important considerations and the uses to which this RAM will support.
Juggle Multiple iCloud Accounts for Yourself and Your Family
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 7, 2014
Maintaining a single Apple ID and iCloud account is usually sufficient for most users. Jason R. Rich explains that for some families, however, having two or more separate Apple ID and iCloud accounts is advantageous.
Keep Your Web Surfing History Private when Using Safari on the iPhone/iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 23, 2014
Jason R. Rich discusses ways to keep your web surfing history and activities private when using the Safari browser on your iOS mobile device. Meanwhile, you can reverse some of the information offered within this article to keep close tabs on the web surfing activities of your kids.
Kinect's First Birthday and Its New Gifts of Fun Functionality
By Bryon J. Greene
Dec 27, 2011
Bryon Greene explain how awesome Kinect's functionality improvements are and how well they have been implemented across different games.
Laptop Maintenance and Assembly
By Scott Mueller
Feb 10, 2006
Preventive maintenance is the key to obtaining years of trouble-free service from your computer. Laptop systems are especially prone to problems because they are portable and therefore exposed to potentially harsh environments, rougher handling, and more problems than desktop systems that remain in a single location. This chapter will help you perform maintenance on your laptop.
LEGO Has Gone Interactive
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 25, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at how LEGO toys have gone from traditional and extremely popular plastic building bricks originally created in 1932 to interactive play experiences, thanks to a handful of iPhone and iPad apps, online games, and other high-tech products.
Leo Laporte's 2006 Technology Almanac: A Look into March
By Leo Laporte, Michael Miller
Mar 3, 2006
This chapter features an article a day for the month of March to help you keep current on the latest technology with a focus on home-based technology.
Listening to Audiobooks on Your iOS Mobile Device
By Jason Rich
Mar 10, 2014
In this article, Jason R. Rich explains how to download and enjoy listening to audiobooks on your iPhone or iPad. You'll learn about the pros and cons of acquiring audiobooks from the iTunes Store as well as from Audible.com.
Making the Move to USB 3.0
By Mark Edward Soper
Nov 10, 2010
In this article, hardware expert Mark Edward Soper helps you understand what USB 3.0 is, how it relates to older USB versions, and how you can upgrade your computer and storage devices to this new world of external versatility.

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