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Using the NOOK App for Windows 8
By Patrick Kanouse
Jan 9, 2013
Patrick Kanouse walks you through using the Windows 8 NOOK App and tells you why you'll probably see continued enhancements to it over time.
Android Hubs, Part 4: The Readers Hub
By Eric Butow
Jan 8, 2013
The Readers Hub is a built-in app for users of the Galaxy Tab 2. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Readers Hub to purchase, download, and read newspapers, magazines, and books on your Tab 2.
Using Cloud Services to Back Up Data on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab
By Eric Butow
Jan 3, 2013
Cloud storage services allow you to share files online with other users of that service. This article explains how to use the Dropbox service that comes with the Galaxy Tab 2 and how to shop for other cloud storage services in the Google Play Store.
Using Overdrive on the NOOK HD or NOOK HD+
By Patrick Kanouse
Jan 2, 2013
Patrick Kanouse describes how to use Overdrive Media Console for reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks on your NOOK.
Working with a Windows RAMDisk
By Ed Tittel
Jan 2, 2013
Ed Tittel takes a look at DataRAM’s RAMDisk software as it converts excess RAM into small but blazing-fast disk space for temp files and variables, paging, and more.
Should You Upgrade to the Fourth Generation iPad?
By Jason Rich
Dec 31, 2012
Jason R. Rich compares the iPad 2, the now discontinued third-generation iPad, and the recently released fourth-generation iPad with Retina display.
Android Hubs, Part 3: Using the Samsung Social Hub
By Eric Butow
Dec 28, 2012
The pre-installed Social Hub app on Android 4 makes it easy to view email from multiple accounts as well as feeds from multiple social networks on your Galaxy Tab. This article shows how to add email and social networking accounts to the Social Hub.
eBook Reading with the Latest iBooks App
By Jason Rich
Dec 27, 2012
Jason R. Rich explains some of the new features added to version 3.0.2 of the iBooks app, which was released in mid-November 2012.
Interacting with Siri: Your Voice-Controlled Assistant
By Jason Rich
Dec 27, 2012
This chapter shows what you can use Siri to help with and provides tips for speaking in ways Siri is most likely to understand.
Choosing between an iPad or an iPad Mini
By Jason Rich
Dec 26, 2012
In this article, Jason R. Rich will help you choose the best iPad model to meet your needs.
Networking and Syncing Your iPad
By Gary Rosenzweig
Dec 25, 2012
In this chapter, you find out how to connect your iPad to your local Wi-Fi network. You also see how to sync your iPad with your Mac or Windows computer.
Using the Newly Designed iTunes App Store to Find, Purchase, and Download Apps on Your iOS Mobile Device
By Jason Rich
Dec 25, 2012
Jason R. Rich explains how to quickly find the best-quality and most-suitable apps to meet your needs by offering strategies for exploring the App Store from your iOS mobile device.
Getting Started with the Kindle Fire
By Jennifer Ackerman Kettell, Jim Cheshire
Dec 24, 2012
In this chapter, you learn how to connect your Kindle Fire to your Wi-Fi network and register it with Amazon, and you discover the basics of navigating and using your tablet.
Shopping in the PlayStation Store
By Bill Loguidice, Christina T. Loguidice
Dec 24, 2012
In this chapter, you learn about accessing, downloading, and managing content-including games, apps, and videos-from the PlayStation Store.
10 Apps Every New iPhone or iPad User Should Install
By Jason Rich
Dec 21, 2012
Jason R. Rich focuses on 10 “must have” iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps that are available from the App Store.
Moving Your Operating System to Your Solid State Drive Using Paragon Software's "Migrate OS to SSD"
By Ed Tittel
Dec 17, 2012
Moving your system from a conventional hard drive to a solid state disk has never been easier, thanks to Paragon Software's Migrate OS to SSD. Read all about it in Ed Tittel's story that shows how the installation goes down.
Choosing and Using an Ultra-Fast Flash Drive
By Ed Tittel
Dec 10, 2012
Big (64 GB or larger) USB Flash drives can be painfully slow. Cure those ills with faster alternatives: especially USB 3.0 and mSATA. Ed Tittel's new overview explains their pros, cons, and differences.
Create Professional Prints from Photos Shot Using Your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini
By Jason Rich
Dec 5, 2012
Jason R. Rich discusses your options when it comes to creating standard sized prints or enlargements from the digital images taken using your iOS mobile device.
Comparing Tablets: A Holiday Shopping Guide
By Michael Miller
Dec 4, 2012
In this holiday shopping guide, author Michael Miller explores all the latest tablets, from the iPad Mini to the Microsoft Surface to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and makes some recommendations for which you should put on your gift lists.
Android Hubs, Part 2: The Music Hub
By Eric Butow
Dec 3, 2012
Samsung has teamed up with the 7digital music service to provide music shopping and downloading on your Galaxy Tab using the built-in Music Hub app. As Eric Butow explains, within the app, you can shop for tracks or entire albums, and you can also add tracks to a playlist.

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