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Shooting Selfies with the Vine Video Application
By Michael Miller
Feb 6, 2014
This video tutorial, an excerpt from, Shooting and Sharing with Vine (Que Video) shows you how to shoot selfies using Vine
10 Great Spotify Apps
By Sam Costello
Jan 20, 2014
Thanks to the introduction of Spotify apps, it's letting third-party developers enhance the Spotify experience. These free apps add new features to Spotify, including new ways to discover music, customized concert information, and even help learning new languages. Check out these suggestions for 10 great Spotify apps you need to try.
SEO Made Easy: Using Time to Gain Trust
By Evan Bailyn
Jan 13, 2014
Evan Bailyn outlines of the typical journey a well-managed site takes before it is able to rank for the most difficult keywords.
10 Spotify Tips and Tricks
By Sam Costello
Jan 10, 2014
Spotify is packed with advanced features, including sharing music, building playlists with your friends, and listening to music offline. Our tips explain how to take advantage of these and other advanced Spotify features.
Pinterest: The Ultimate Image Archive?
By Michael Miller
Jan 1, 2014
Michael Miller shows you how to use Pinterest as the ultimate image archive - and create your own specialty image collections.
Choosing the Best Music and Video Streaming Service For You
By Sam Costello
Dec 17, 2013
There are more companies offering streaming music, movies, and TV than ever before. There are so many choices, figuring out which streaming service is right for you can be a real challenge. These charts compare music and video streaming services in key categories to help you figure out which one, or which combination, is best for your needs.
Technology Books for Seniors
By Michael Miller
Dec 16, 2013
Que has published a variety of technology books of interest to older users. In this article, Michael Miller previews these books for seniors — and recommends specific books for specific users.
How Content Governance Will Facilitate Media Company Transformation
By Michael Brito
Nov 18, 2013
Creating a content governance plan - defining what type of content is created and when it’s shared within each channel - can be the key to success for your business. This chapter explains what content governance is and how you can build your own strategy.
The Like Effect: The Power of Positive Marketing
By Brian Carter
Nov 14, 2013
This chapter explains where and how Facebook fits in with marketers - and how those marketers can benefit from understanding how to use it to interact with customers.
Using Facebook to Keep in Touch with Your Grandchildren
By Michael Miller
Nov 8, 2013
This chapter shows you the best ways to use Facebook to get closer to the youngest members of your family.
The Invisible Sale: Living Inside the Database
By Tom Martin
Nov 7, 2013
This chapter explains the concept of moving from databased selling to data-based selling. That is, not merely contacting sales leads but instead creating the conditions to have customers come to you.
11 Terrific Online Video Sites That Aren't Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes
By Sam Costello
Sep 20, 2013
There's lots of niche content on the web, maybe just not at the main streaming video sites. Sam Costello introduces 11 alternative streaming sites in this article.
Customizing the Content of Facebook's (New) New Timeline Page
By Michael Miller
Sep 17, 2013
Facebook recently released an update to its new Timeline page. In this article, author Michael Miller shows you how to customize what displays on your new Timeline - and determine who can see it.
Searching Facebook with Graph Search
By Michael Miller
Sep 9, 2013
Michael Miller shows you how to use Graph Search to find the best people, places, and things - based on what your friends know and like!
Google Semantic Search: What Is New in SEO?
By David Amerland
Sep 6, 2013
This chapter shows what is different in SEO, what is the "new SEO" everyone is talking about, and what you can do to take advantage of the developing trends. More importantly it shows what you should do to integrate SEO in the DNA of your business.
Core Tactics to Connect with Customers in Healthcare Sales
By Andrea Rowland, Gary Polsky
Aug 27, 2013
This chapter introduces strategies that will strengthen your ability to connect with prospects and deepen existing High-Return Relationships.
Starting Your Own Tech Business: A Conversation with Alison Balter about Founding InfoTech Services Group
By Alison Balter, InformIT Editorial Team
Jul 31, 2013
In this series, InformIT sits down with authors who have founded or co-founded their own companies to discuss the challenges and triumphs of creating a technology-centered business. Today, we talk with Alison Balter, who has owned her own business, InfoTech Services Group, Incorporated, for over twenty-three years.
Starting Your Own Tech Business: A Conversation with Eric Butow about Founding Butow Communications Group
By Eric Butow, InformIT Editorial Team
Jul 31, 2013
In this series, InformIT sits down with authors who have founded or co-founded their own companies to discuss the challenges and triumphs of creating a technology-centered business. Today, Eric Butow, the owner of Butow Communications Group, discusses his work, his inspiration, and the lessons he's learned while owning his own business.
Starting a New Business: Doing Your Homework on People, Places, and Events
By Dave Delaney
Jul 8, 2013
This chapter provides networking and industry research tips for anyone starting a new business, especially those in a new city or area.
Ten Tips for Sharing Pictures on Facebook
By Michael Miller
Jun 21, 2013
Facebook is one of the Internet’s top photo sharing sites; hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to share pictures with friends and family. In this article, author Michael Miller shares ten useful tips to help you more easily share your photos on the Facebook site.

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