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Importing and Sharing Local Files in Spotify
By Michael Miller
Mar 7, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to import your own music into Spotify and then share your tunes with your Spotify and Facebook friends.
Using Spotify with Last.fm to Discover New Music
By Michael Miller
Mar 7, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how Spotify and Last.fm can work together to help you discover tons of new music and walks you through the process to set everything up.
Using Spotify Mobile
By Michael Miller
Mar 6, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to use The Spotify Mobile app to listen to playlists and individual tracks, and share your music with online friends.
Collaborating on Group Playlists with Spotify
By Michael Miller
Mar 5, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to create group playlists and collaborate on them with your online friends.
Five Tips for B2B Marketing Online
By Michael Miller
Feb 28, 2012
Michael Miller shares five tips for ensuring that your B2B marketing are spent more effectively and efficiently.
Five Top Apps for Spotify
By Michael Miller
Feb 23, 2012
Michael Miller presents his five favorite Spotify apps — which might be your favorites, too.
Using Facebook and Spotify Together
By Michael Miller
Feb 16, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how Facebook and Spotify can work together, including how to import your Facebook friends into Spotify and how to share Spotify tracks and playlists with your Facebook friends.
Using Facebook’s New Timeline on Your iPhone
By Michael Miller
Feb 15, 2012
Michael Miller walks you through how Timeline looks and works on your iPhone, including how to display personal information, view photos, access friends lists, like and comment on posts, and make new posts from your own Timeline page.
Adding Life Events to Your Facebook Timeline
By Michael Miller
Feb 14, 2012
Michael Miller goes beyond the basics to show you how to add important life events to your Timeline, and fill in your pre-Facebook history.
What’s the Interest in Pinterest?
By Michael Miller
Feb 14, 2012
Just what is Pinterest, and should you be using it? Author Michael Miller answers these questions, and more in this useful article.
Google+ for Business: How Did I Get Here?
By Chris Brogan
Feb 9, 2012
This chapter explains why you should know about Google+, why you should spend even more time typing into yet another box, and what this can all mean for your business.
App Developers' Fortunes Rise and Fall on App Category Changes
By Jeffrey Hughes
Feb 8, 2012
eff Hughes discusses how apps that once sold well are being affected by the shift in categories.
How To Choose Between Twitter and Facebook: Strengths and Weaknesses
By Brian Carter
Jan 31, 2012
Brian Carter points out the pluses and minuses of the two most popular choices for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter.
Google+ Pages for Business and Brands: Six Steps for Success
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Jan 30, 2012
Patrice-Anne Rutledge offers six tips for making the most of your Google+ page.
YouTube's New Channels for Business
By Michael Miller
Jan 30, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to customize the YouTube new channel pages and work around the limitations YouTube has introduced.
Facebook versus LinkedIn for Professional Networking
By Brian Carter
Jan 23, 2012
Brian Carter surveys the differences and offers tips on how to balance your networking between these two social platforms.
The Like Effect: The Power of Positive Marketing
By Brian Carter
Jan 10, 2012
This chapter examines how Facebook "likes" can translate into increased earnings for your company.
Getting Around Facebook: The Basics
By Brian Carter, Justin Levy
Jan 2, 2012
Although getting around Facebook isn’t exactly hard, this chapter covers some of the basic tools and features.
Seven Tips for Getting the Most from Your Google+ Profile
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Dec 30, 2011
Patrice-Anne Rutledge offers seven tips for making the most of your Google+ profile as a business tool.
Dos and Don'ts of Using Cross-Platform Promotion (CPP) in Social Media
By Sarah-Jayne Gratton
Dec 29, 2011
Sarah-Jayne Gratton explains which cross-platform promotion techniques you must try and what ideas to avoid when marketing your business on social media.

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