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Customizing an Excel 2007 Pivot Table
By Michael Alexander, Bill Jelen
Apr 6, 2007
Although pivot tables provide an extremely fast way to summarize data, sometimes the pivot table defaults aren't exactly what you need. This chapter covers functional areas in customizing pivot table settings to help you zero in on the results you're looking for.
Entering Data in Access 2003
By Shelley O'Hara
Oct 20, 2006
Shelley O'Hara explains how to enter data into a database table, creating the records for your database table. She also cover how to work with the records, edit data, sort records, and print data.
Defining and Working with Fields in FileMaker 8
By Scott Love, Steve Lane
Aug 11, 2006
Fields are the heart of any database. By storing information in properly categorized fields, you impart both function and meaning to what would otherwise be an incomprehensible pile of raw data. This chapter describes what kinds of fields exist in FileMaker Pro, how they store information, and how to ensure proper data integrity in your database solutions.
Keeping Your Data Safe with a RAID 1 Setup
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Jun 16, 2006
Kulvir Bhogal shows you how you can build a low-cost RAID 1 setup to protect yourself against hard drive data loss.
Field Types and Import/Export Formats in Filemaker 8
By Bob Bowers, Steve Lane, Scott Love
Mar 17, 2006
Besides just knowing the raw statistics and capacities of your software tools ("speeds and feeds," as the machinists like to say), it’s wise to understand the basic data formats with which your database software can work. In this chapter we give a brief overview of each of the underlying FileMaker field data types, and we also discuss the various data formats available for import and export.
Access Fear Factor II: Merging the Unfamiliar with the Familiar
By Herb Tyson
Feb 3, 2006
If you can't use Access for more than five minutes without cursing, join the club. If you're an experienced Word and Excel user who has not experienced Access, this article will help you overcome Access-phobia and easily recover from frightening Access experiences. If you're an Access expert and are easily angered, on the other hand, please don't read this article! In this second Access Fear Factor article, Herb Tyson encourages you to eschew Access best practices and to avoid overcomplicating matters.
Troubleshooting Storage Devices
By Leo Laporte, Mark Edward Soper
Dec 9, 2005
Your "personal confuser’s" hard disk is one of the most important parts of your PC. If the hard disk built into your system stops working, you can’t load your operating system, you can’t surf the Web, you can’t play a game...well, you get the idea. This no nonsense chapter will help you to troubleshoot problems with your storage media, from hard drives to DVD-Rs.
Defining and Working with Fields in FileMaker 7
By Bob Bowers, Steve Lane, Scott Love, Chris Moyer
Oct 29, 2004
Fields are the heart of any database. By storing information in properly categorized fields, you impart both function and meaning to what would otherwise be an incomprehensible pile of raw data. This chapter will help you learn the basics of working with fields in FileMaker 7.
Filtering, Sorting, and Summarizing Data in Crystal Reports
By Neil FitzGerald, Bob Coates, James Edkins, Naisan Geula, Ryan Marples, Michael Voloshko
Sep 10, 2004
The beauty of Crystal Reports is its ability to translate data from your database into useful information, but getting it to do that can take some work. This chapter will help you get started.
Exploring the Database Window in Microsoft Access
By Mike Gunderloy, Susan Harkins
Apr 25, 2003
Get to know the Database window, the place where you can find everything you'll need in Access — data, forms, reports, and other objects. Learn how to navigate in this window and see how to start customizing objects for your own use.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 4
By Rob Hawthorne
Apr 18, 2003
In this article, Rob Hawthorne completes the series by showing you how to install an SP for SQL Server and gives you ways to modify the calling batch application to ensure that the whole process is completed from start to finish.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 3
By Rob Hawthorne
Apr 11, 2003
So far in this series, you have seen how to install SQL Server silently by using a simple batch file and the .iss unattend file. Now Rob Hawthorne looks at how to make the installation and configuration of SQL Server flow into a single call-able batch file, providing a "wrapper" installation script to any other scripts you may need to execute when installing and configuring SQL Server.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 2
By Rob Hawthorne
Mar 28, 2003
By scripting the installation of SQL Server, administrators and SQL DBAs can ensure a consistent deployment of SQL Server, every time! No more cheat sheets or how-to documents and a world free of tombs of documentation. Sound too good to be true? Rob Hawthorne shows you how to make your life easier by using a small self-documenting batch file.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 1
By Rob Hawthorne
Mar 21, 2003
The deployment and configuration of software can be a real nightmare to standardize; administrators have their own ideas of best practice, even with checklists (or cheat sheets). In this series of articles, Rob Hawthorne discusses the unattended installation of SQL Server and shows you how to write your own scripts to install SQL Server, ensuring a standard and consistent deployment every time!
Using the MySQL Client Library to Write Your Own Programs
By Paul Dubois
Jan 10, 2003
Write your own client programs in C with the MySQL Client Library. Follow these guidelines to maintain consistency with existing client programs in the MySQL distribution, as well as modularity and reusability of your code. Create a series of programs from a simple server connection to an interactive query.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 5 - Dissecting Oracle 9i
By Rob Hawthorne
Aug 30, 2002
See the pure power of this awarding-winning RDBMS by looking at the outstanding features and benefits that it has to offer you.
Conditional Processing in ColdFusion
By Ben Forta
Aug 16, 2002
Build upon the basics and learn how to efficiently use if/else and switch tags in ColdFusion.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 4 - The Softer Side of SQL Server 2000
By Rob Hawthorne
Aug 9, 2002
See the conclusion of Rob Hawthorne's review of the good, the bad, and the ugly in Microsoft's SQL Server 2000. And there's more on Oracle to come!
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 3 - A Closer Look at SQL Server
By Rob Hawthorne
Aug 2, 2002
Explore Microsoft's SQL Server 2000, looking at features and benefits of this relational database management system.
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Database Normalization
By John Petersen
Jul 19, 2002
Learn how to enhance consistency and reduce redundancy by understanding how to normalize your data model and apply it to your design.

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