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Profile of Spain from a Search Engine Marketing Perspective
By Anne F. Kennedy, Kristjan Mar Hauksson
May 14, 2012
This chapter provides a look at one international market, Spain, from the perspective of relevant search and demographic information important to marketers.
Outsmarting Social Media: Social and Contextual Discovery
By Evan Bailyn
May 10, 2012
This chapter explains the concept of social and contextual discovery and compares them to traditional search. It also explains how you can begin to use social and contextual discovery in your business.
Which Social Networks are Best for Business Marketing?
By Michael Miller
May 7, 2012
Michael Miller offers some advice on which social networks deliver the best results — and whether you need to market to them all.
Communicating with Other LinkedIn Members
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
May 4, 2012
In this lesson, you learn about the LinkedIn network and the many ways to communicate with other LinkedIn members.
How to Share Photos on Facebook
By Sherry Kinkoph Gunter
Apr 3, 2012
In this lesson, you learn how to view and add photos in Facebook. You’ll learn how to create an album, upload pictures, and publish the whole thing on Facebook. You’ll also learn how to tag people in your photos and organize your photos within Facebook.
Exploring the New Twitter
By Michael Miller
Mar 21, 2012
Michael Miller walks you through the new Twitter and explains all about the new functionality.
Revisiting the Evernote/Microsoft OneNote Competitive Landscape
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 9, 2012
Peter O'Kelly highlights some of the differences between Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.
OneNote for iPad: Ample Room for Improvement
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 8, 2012
Peter O'Kelly explains how the limitations in the initial release of OneNote for iPad might frustrate people who have more elaborate information-management needs.
Importing and Sharing Local Files in Spotify
By Michael Miller
Mar 7, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to import your own music into Spotify and then share your tunes with your Spotify and Facebook friends.
OneNote for iPad: A Hopeful Leading Indicator
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 7, 2012
Peter O'Kelly provides an overview of OneNote for iPad, along with some analysis of what Microsoft may do next with OneNote for Windows, iPad, and other platforms.
Using Spotify with Last.fm to Discover New Music
By Michael Miller
Mar 7, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how Spotify and Last.fm can work together to help you discover tons of new music and walks you through the process to set everything up.
Using Spotify Mobile
By Michael Miller
Mar 6, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to use The Spotify Mobile app to listen to playlists and individual tracks, and share your music with online friends.
Collaborating on Group Playlists with Spotify
By Michael Miller
Mar 5, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to create group playlists and collaborate on them with your online friends.
Tweeting To and From Your Evernote Account
By Katherine Murray
Mar 5, 2012
Katherine Murray shows how you can follow people and subjects on Twitter that bring the information you're looking for right to your browser window. And, thanks to Evernote, you can send the tweets you want to keep directly to your Evernote notebook, too.
Capturing Audio Notes in Evernote
By Katherine Murray
Mar 2, 2012
Katherine Murray shows you how to record, save, and manage audio notes in Evernote, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
Five Top Apps for Spotify
By Michael Miller
Feb 23, 2012
Michael Miller presents his five favorite Spotify apps — which might be your favorites, too.
Using Facebook and Spotify Together
By Michael Miller
Feb 16, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how Facebook and Spotify can work together, including how to import your Facebook friends into Spotify and how to share Spotify tracks and playlists with your Facebook friends.
Using Facebook’s New Timeline on Your iPhone
By Michael Miller
Feb 15, 2012
Michael Miller walks you through how Timeline looks and works on your iPhone, including how to display personal information, view photos, access friends lists, like and comment on posts, and make new posts from your own Timeline page.
Adding Life Events to Your Facebook Timeline
By Michael Miller
Feb 14, 2012
Michael Miller goes beyond the basics to show you how to add important life events to your Timeline, and fill in your pre-Facebook history.
What’s the Interest in Pinterest?
By Michael Miller
Feb 14, 2012
Just what is Pinterest, and should you be using it? Author Michael Miller answers these questions, and more in this useful article.

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