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Get Acquainted with the GoPro Hero4 Black Camera
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 7, 2015
In this article, Jason R. Rich takes a look at the GoPro Hero4 camera and compares it to other GoPro camera models, as well as point-and-shoot digital camera options for taking pictures and shooting HD video in a wide range of situations.
Using Your Apple Watch to Stay Active
By Craig James Johnston
Sep 2, 2015
In this chapter from My Apple Watch, you learn how your Watch keeps track of your activity and helps you stay healthy.
Viewing, Editing, and Enhancing Photos On Your Mobile Device
By Jason Rich
Aug 4, 2015
In this chapter from My Digital Photography for Seniors, you’ll learn how to use some of the common photo editing and enhancement tools found in most photo editing mobile applications. You also learn about the apps for this purpose that come preinstalled on your smartphone or tablet, as well as some that are available to be downloaded and installed.
Introduction to the New Pebble Time Smart Watch
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 1, 2015
Jason R. Rich, author of iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks, takes a look at the all-new, second generation Pebble Time smart watch. Like Apple Watch, which is priced much higher, Pebble Time is designed to work in conjunction with the iPhone.
Playing Music on Pandora
By Michael Miller
Jun 1, 2015
Pandora is one of the largest streaming music services on the Internet, with more than 250 million users. In this article, best-selling technology writer Michael Miller shows you how Pandora works and helps you get the most of this popular service on your computer and on your mobile device.
Listening to Local Radio Online
By Michael Miller
May 26, 2015
There are lots of streaming music services available online, such as Pandora and Spotify, but what do you do if you just want to listen to your local radio station on your computer or smartphone? Michael Miller, author of The Internet of Things, shows you how to use iHeartRadio and TuneIn to listen to AM and FM stations from anywhere in the United States or around the world!
Video: How to Shoot Underwater Photos and Video Using the GoPro Hero Camera
By Jason R. Rich
May 14, 2015
In this excerpt from My GoPro Hero Camera, Jason R. Rich explains how to take clear, in-focus, high-resolution photos or shoot HD video underwater using any of the GoPro Hero cameras. Viewers learn how to select the ideal GoPro housing and mount for their camera, adjust their camera’s settings, and choose which type of lens filter to use, based on water conditions. This video is ideal for swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers, for example, who want to use their GoPro Hero camera in or around water.
Shooting High-Resolution Photos with Your GoPro Hero
By Jason R. Rich
May 13, 2015
In this chapter from My GoPro Hero Camera, Jason R. Rich shows you the features and functions built into the GoPro Hero4 camera (as well as some other GoPro camera models).
Video: Introduction to the LIVE4 GoPro Mobile App
By Jason R. Rich
May 12, 2015
In this excerpt from My GoPro Hero Camera, Jason R. Rich introduces the LIVE4 GoPro Mobile app and the related online service that allows GoPro Hero users to broadcast live content via the Internet.
Video: Using Optional Accessories with the GoPro Hero Cameras
By Jason R. Rich
May 7, 2015
In this excerpt from My GoPro Hero Camera, Jason R. Rich explains what types of optional housings, mounts, and accessories are available for the popular GoPro Hero cameras and the best ways to use them in a wide range of shooting situations. GoPro camera users will discover how to shoot even better photos and videos when they use the right optional equipment with their camera.
Video: Using the Time Lapse Video Shooting Mode with Your GoPro Hero4 Camera
By Jason R. Rich
May 5, 2015
In this excerpt from My GoPro Hero Camera, Jason R. Rich explains how to use the new Time Lapse Video feature offered with the February 2015 GoPro Camera Software update. GoPro Hero4 users will learn how to use this feature, and discover some things it can be used for.
Video: How to Use Audio and Video Messaging with the Messages App
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 30, 2015
This video tutorial will explain how to send audio and video messages using the new interface built into the iOS 8 edition of the Messages app. It will also explain how to save and store, or automatically delete messages after a period of time.
Video: Edit Video Using the Replay App on the iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 28, 2015
Instead of using the popular iMovie app, this video by Jason R. Rich will explain how to use the latest version of the Replay Video Editor in order to easily create professional-quality and slick videos using raw video footage shot with an iPad.
Video: Editing Photos Using the Pixelmator App
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 23, 2015
Jason R. Rich shows you how to use the photo editing app Pixelmator, which offers many editing tools and features.
Video: Recording with Camtasia
By Michael Miller
Apr 17, 2015
Michael Miller, author of Creating Powerful Training Videos with Camtasia and Other Tools, explains how to record and edit a video using Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Recorder. He shows how to format, review, produce, and share videos using the proper file type.
Video: Using Your GoPro Hero 3+: Videography Tips and Tricks
By Jason R. Rich
Apr 14, 2015
In this excerpt from Using Your GoPro Hero3+, Jason R. Rich offers tips that will help you ensure that you capture the most visually interesting, smooth, and in-focus video footage possible, regardless of the shooting situation.
Smart TVs: Viewing in a Connected World
By Michael Miller
Apr 2, 2015
For many people, today’s so-called “smart TVs” represent the first foray into the connected world of the Internet of Things. Just what is a smart TV, and how smart is it, really? Whether or not today’s smart TVs are truly part of the Internet of Things is an open question, but there’s no question that these connected viewing devices are changing the way people watch TV and movies. Read on to learn more in this chapter from The Internet of Things: How Smart TVs, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities Are Changing the World.
Build Your Own Web-Interacting Robots
By John Baichtal
Jan 12, 2015
Wouldn't it be cool if you could trigger a robot via the Web to perform some activity, even if you're halfway across the planet from your device? You can! John Baichtal, author of Robot Builder: The Beginner's Guide to Building Robots, shows how easily you can do it.
Recording OTA TV with Tivo's Roamio
By Michael Miller
Jan 5, 2015
Roamio is Tivo’s new set top box designed for recording over the air programming, as well as programs from various Internet-based services, including Netflix and Hulu. In this article, author Michael Miller discusses who Roamio is designed for, and how it can make life easier for all the cable cutters out there.
How to Prevent Your Personal Photos from Being Hacked
By Michael Miller
Dec 30, 2014
With the latest celebrity nude photo hacking scandal in the news, it’s worth examining just how private your private pictures really are. In this article, author Michael Miller discusses the relatively safety of various types of photo storage, including cloud-based services such as iCloud, and details the steps you need to take to make your photos as secure as possible – and make sure you don't see your nude selfies online.

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