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What You Really Need to Know About Dropbox
By Ed Tittel, Kim Lindros
Sep 23, 2014
Dropbox offers free cloud-based storage for personal use, with highly affordable options for commercial use. But sharing files via Dropbox comes with some interesting gotchas, especially when large volumes of data are involved or when files are shared by many users. Learn how to handle these gotchas with dispatch and aplomb, and avoid potential loss of access to important files or content.
Evaluating Cloud Storage Services
By Michael Miller
Aug 18, 2014
You don't need a big hard disk anymore; data is moving from local storage to the cloud. In this article, author Michael Miller examines the most popular cloud storage services for consumers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneBox, and Apple iCloud.
The Significance of Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android
By Peter O'Kelly
Apr 13, 2012
Peter O'Kelly provides an overview of the new OneNote Mobile app for Android and its role in the expanding OneNote product family.
What’s New with Evernote? Five Big Features
By Katherine Murray
Mar 19, 2012
Katherine Murray introduces five new features recently rolled out for Evernote users.
Adding Ink in Microsoft OneNote
By Laura Acklen
Dec 12, 2011
After a brief but vigorous campaign by pen users, Microsoft added ink rendering to its OneNote Web App. Office expert Laura Acklen walks you through it.
Working with Files, Folders, and Disks and Windows
By Michael Miller
Mar 30, 2007
Managing the data stored on your computer is vitally important, which means learning how to work with Windows' files, folders, and disks. Michael Miller makes it easy with this sample chapter for Windows beginners.
Working with Files, Folders, and Disks
Feb 19, 2007
Internet Addresses, Email Addresses, Acronyms and Emoticons: The Language of the Internet for Beginners
By Sandy Berger
Dec 22, 2005
The Internet has a language of its own that is used in Internet addresses. Understanding the components of Internet and email addresses such as domain names and extensions is not difficult, and it is sure to make your web surfing easier. Once you have that down pat, you can move on to more fun online things such as acronyms and emoticons. This chapter briefly covers the lexicon of the internet for the web novice.
DIY Printer Ink Cartridge Refill Options
By A. Lizard
Nov 11, 2005
If you're a modern computer user, you've undoubtedly wondered whether some of those inkjet cartridge refill programs are a bargain or a scam. A. Lizard examines the various options for keeping those old cartridges out of the landfill and possibly saving a few pennies along the way.
Reincarnate Your IDE Hard Drives as USB External Hard Drives
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Jul 29, 2005
Put your unused IDE hard drives to good use by turning them into external USB drives with this guide by Kulvir Bhogal. With a USB external case and a few quick steps, you'll have a handy removable storage space in no time.
PC Components, Features, and System Design
By Scott Mueller
Sep 26, 2002
Hardware expert Scott Mueller discusses how PCs have evolved into the machines they are today, explains the differences between types of systems, and briefly examines all the components and peripherals in a modern PC system.