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Customizing Smart Typing on the Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Nov 27, 2014
You can customize the default Samsung on-screen keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 so it’s easier for you to type information on the screen. This article shows you how to configure smart typing, swiping, and keyboard feedback.
Syncing and Managing Cloud Services on the Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Nov 26, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 allows you to synchronize data with online services such as email and Google through the cloud, which is file storage available on the Internet. You can also view your storage usage, backup, and restore information.
Changing Your Galaxy Tab 4 Display Settings
By Eric Butow
Nov 25, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 gives you a number of ways to modify how your screen looks and behaves. This article shows you how to change screen settings including screen brightness, the background wallpaper, and when the screen turns off automatically.
Changing the Look and Feel of Your Galaxy Tab 4 by Changing Accessibility Settings
By Eric Butow
Nov 24, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is designed to be used by anyone, and you can customize the Tab 4 for your level of usability. This article discusses a variety of Tab 4 accessibility settings for the screen, sound, mobility, and controlling interactions.
Managing Galaxy Tab 4 Security and the Lock Screen
By Eric Butow
Nov 21, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 contains a number of security options you can change in the Settings screen. In this article you’ll learn how to change remote access, administer the device, change credentials, and determine what happens when you swipe on the Lock screen.
How to Build Solar-Powered Robots
By John Baichtal
Nov 20, 2014
In this chapter from Robot Builder: The Beginner's Guide to Building Robots, you'll learn about how to use solar panels in your robot projects, including an introduction to breadboarding, which is a cool way of temporarily constructing circuits. You'll also build two sweet projects. The first is a solar-powered battery charger, and the second is a simple robot that is entirely powered by sunlight .
Introduction to the iPhone 6 Plus
Nov 13, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at the new iPhone 6 Plus and compares it to the older iPhone 5s and the slightly smaller iPhone 6. You’ll discover some of the differences among these three smartphones and read some compelling reasons why you might want to upgrade.
A Short History of Bitcoin
By Michael Miller
Nov 11, 2014
So Bitcoin is a virtual currency. But how did Bitcoin come about? How did Bitcoin evolve from concept to the most popular virtual currency today? Michael Miller explains the history of virtual currency and Bitcoin in this chapter from The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin.
Upgrading Your iPhone
By Jason R. Rich
Nov 11, 2014
Jason R. Rich discusses your options when it comes to upgrading your current iPhone to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, or switching from another smartphone to one of the newly released iPhone models. As you’ll discover, not all cellular service providers require a two year contract, or make you wait until your existing contract expires before you can upgrade.
Managing Memory on Your Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Nov 10, 2014
If you find that your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is running slowly, you can check to see what apps are using up the Tab 4’s memory. This article shows you how to view memory information and how to close apps and processes that are slowing your Tab 4 down.
Managing Your Galaxy Tab 4 Battery Life Effectively
By Eric Butow
Nov 7, 2014
The Galaxy Tab 4 includes a number of tools for saving battery power and also for tracking your battery usage. You’ll learn how to change battery information, set power saving mode settings, and see what features are using the most battery power.
Introduction to the iPhone 6
By Jason R. Rich
Nov 6, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at what Apple’s iPhone 6 has to offer, and the features available exclusive to this iOS mobile device. He also focuses on whether or not users of older iPhone models (or other smartphones) should consider upgrading.
Running the Setup Wizard in Your Samsung Galaxy S5
By Elna Tymes
Nov 3, 2014
In this chapter from My Samsung Galaxy S5 for Seniors, you learn how to set up your Samsung Galaxy S5, including running the Setup Wizard, darkening and restoring the display, and setting a screen timeout interval.
Fixing Windows Devices That Can't Start
By Mark Edward Soper
Oct 29, 2014
If you have a windows desktop or tablet that won't start, Mark Edward Soper will help you troubleshoot it, in this excerpt from The PC and Gadget Help Desk: A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Troubleshooting and Repairing. Mark covers BIOS configuration settings, Windows configuration issues, BIOS startup error messages and solutions, and Windows 7 and 8 error recovery and advanced boot options.
Customizing Android to Your Liking in Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow, Lonzell Watson
Oct 23, 2014
Learn how to customize Android settings on your Galaxy Tab 4, including creating password protection, setting parental restrictions, changing the date and time, modifying your wallpaper, setting alert sounds, and changing keyboard settings, in this excerpt from My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.
How to Start Automating Your Home Using an iPhone or iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 16, 2014
Jason R. Rich explains how app developers and home automation companies are quickly developing cutting-edge products that allow iPhone or iPad users to remotely control or automate various aspects of their home. Discover how just about anyone can begin using some of these products, even if they’re not too techno-savvy.
Microsoft’s OWA Offers Outlook Support for the iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 15, 2014
Learn how to take advantage of Microsoft’s OWA app in order to access Outlook-related email, contacts, and calendar data when using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Online. This is just one option for accessing Outlook data on an Apple iPad.
An Introduction to Mobile Banking on an iPhone or iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 14, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at the types of apps that anyone can use to handle a wide range of mobile banking tasks, including managing bank and credit card accounts.
Making the Most of Intel Rapid Start Technology
By Ed Tittel
Oct 2, 2014
Intel Rapid Start speeds startup and shutdown of Windows PCs enormously. Taking advantage does require jumping through some hoops, but that’s easily accomplished with this step-by-step tutorial.
Making the Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone Your Own
By Steve Schwartz
Sep 5, 2014
In this chapter from My Samsung Galaxy S5, you find out how to customize your phone by populating the Home screen with widgets, shortcuts, and folders; change the default wallpaper; organize your Apps pages and create folders; set default and contact-specific ringtones; and configure and enable special system settings, such as Blocking mode and One-Handed Operation.

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