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Making Sense of the New Xbox User Interface
By Brien Posey
Feb 24, 2014
The Xbox One interface is somewhat similar to that of Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8. Although certain desktop elements will likely be familiar to those who have used other Microsoft devices, the interface can still take a bit of getting used to. This article introduces some of Xbox One’s less intuitive features.
Registering and Downloading Minecraft: The Ultimate Player's Video Guide to Minecraft
By Stephen O'Brien
Jan 31, 2014
Make your own reality with Minecraft, the game of adventure, survival, and imagination that everyone is talking about! This video will help you get started by showing you how to download and register Minecraft, quickly and easily.
Skyscraper Panic! Creating a Game in an Hour with Kodu Game Lab
By James Floyd Kelly
Dec 4, 2013
New to programming but want to create your own games? James Kelly shows how you can build your own simple game in about an hour with a PC and Microsoft’s Kodu Game Lab.
Gathering Resources and Getting Around in Minecraft
By Stephen O'Brien
Nov 12, 2013
This chapter helps you familiarize yourself with your tools and surroundings in Minecraft so you can gather materials, build shelter, and understand your inventory.
Using Windows 8’s Xbox Music
By Michael Miller
Jul 23, 2013
Xbox Music is the new music app in Windows 8; it’s also accessible from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console and Windows 7/8 phones. In this article, author Michael Miller shows you how to use Xbox Music to manage your own music collection and to listen to and purchase new music online.
Exploring the Game Hub for the Galaxy Tab 2
By Eric Butow
Feb 14, 2013
The Game Hub app is the place to find games for your Galaxy Tab 2 that you can install and play by yourself or against other game players through your Wi-Fi connection. Eric Butow shows how the app displays a list of installed games you can play by tapping on the game tile.
Shopping in the PlayStation Store
By Bill Loguidice, Christina T. Loguidice
Dec 24, 2012
In this chapter, you learn about accessing, downloading, and managing content-including games, apps, and videos-from the PlayStation Store.
Streaming vs. Downloading: What’s the Best Way to Get New Digital Music
By Michael Miller
Sep 28, 2012
Michael Miller, author of The Ultimate Digital Music Guide, examines the pros and cons of both streaming and downloading music, and offers suggestions on which approach is best for you.
Downloading Pirated Music: Pros and Cons
By Michael Miller
Sep 19, 2012
Michael Miller addresses both the appeal and the perils of illegal music downloading, and comes down on the side of playing by the rules — for the sake of the artists who make the music.
Networking Your Xbox
By Bill Loguidice, Christina Loguidice
May 3, 2012
In this chapter, you learn how to connect your console to the Internet, access Xbox LIVE, and make purchases through your console.
Kinect's First Birthday and Its New Gifts of Fun Functionality
By Bryon J. Greene
Dec 27, 2011
Bryon Greene explain how awesome Kinect's functionality improvements are and how well they have been implemented across different games.
Hack This: Milkymist VJ Console Hackerspace Project
By John Baichtal
Dec 7, 2011
After years of using ordinary PCs for interactive VJing, the team at Paris hackerspace /tmp/lab decided to build their own, creating Milkymist, a custom board that generates visualizations based on sensor input and musical rhythms.
Kinect’s Evolution: Then versus Now
By Christina Loguidice
Nov 9, 2011
Discover how some of Kinect's limitations have been overcome, and how its continual evolution promises to bring gaming to new heights and spawn advancements in other areas.
Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dashboard Update Features and Expectations
By Bill Loguidice
Nov 9, 2011
Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is due for a major software update during the 2011 holiday season. Bill Loguidice discusses all the new features and shows how they will enhance the Xbox 360 experience for you.
Voice-Controlled HuluPlus on Xbox
By Bryon J. Greene
Sep 14, 2011
Is voice control just a gimmick, or does it work? What can you control with your voice? Bryon J. Greene takes a voice-driven test drive with HuluPlus and walks you through the experience.
Creating, Playing, and Sharing Playlists in Spotify
By Michael Miller
Aug 29, 2011
Michael Miller shows you how to create a personalized Spotify playlist, how to play the music on your playlist, and how to share your playlist with other music lovers, including your friends on Facebook.
Introducing Spotify
By Michael Miller
Aug 23, 2011
Michael Miller tells you what Spotify offers, describes how it works, and compares it with other popular online music services.
iPad Gaming: Mobile Games Grow Up
By Brandon Cackowski-Schnell
Aug 23, 2011
Brandon Cackowski-Schnell discusses the advantages and disadvantages of gaming on the iPad as well as some of the best gaming options on the device.
Video Conference on Kinect?
By Bryon J. Greene
Aug 3, 2011
One little-known feature that is included with Xbox Live subscriptions is video conferencing. Bryon Greene shows you more about this feature: how it works and whether it is really useful for your situation.
Kinect, Netflix, and Voice! Oh, My!
By Bryon J. Greene
Jun 30, 2011
With Netflix deciding to integrate both gesture support and voice command into its existing Xbox 360 app, Bryon Greene tells you what works well, what doesn’t, and whether your controller is going to start collecting dust.

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