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Informit's 2006 Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming PC on a Budget: Revenge of the Dual-Core, SLI Machine, Part 3
By Cyrus Peikari
May 19, 2006
Cyrus Peikari puts on the finishing touches in Part 3 of his 3-part series by showing you how to tweak your gaming rig for performance, looks, and noise reduction, and then how to benchmark it using several different utilities. You'll end up with an ultra-fast, powerful, quiet, and attractive machine.
An Almanac of Pimps, Orcs and Lightsabers for March
By William Abner
Mar 3, 2006
This chapter from the 2006 Gamer's Tome of Ultimate Wisdom takes a look back at the video game releases from March 2005, including reviews, tips and tricks, and other goodies for gamers to enjoy.
PSP vs. iPod: Looking Beyond What's Trendy
By Seth Fogie
Dec 9, 2005
Sure, the iPod is a cute and trendy gadget, but why settle? Seth Fogie wants it all: games, music, videos, e-books, and web access. Will the iPod do all this? Nope. But the PSP will! Read on to see how these two devices compare.
The Grand Vision for Golden Tee LIVE
By Joe Kraynak
Dec 9, 2005
From the beginning, Golden Tee LIVE was designed as the ultimate coin-operated golfing game on the market. This chapter details how the vision for Golden Tee LIVE was designed around the idea of maximum fun for minimum cost to take advantage of the special advantages of coin-operated games.
PSP Emulators and ISOs: Playing Games from Other Consoles and Backing up Your UMDs
By Seth Fogie
Sep 9, 2005
The PSP has no equal when it comes to handheld gaming: beautiful graphics, intuitive controls, and... hackability. If you are a PSP owner, you really can't afford to miss this article showing how to set up an emulator and create backups of your UMDs to play directly from Memory Sticks.
Adding an External Wi-Fi Antenna to Your PSP
By Seth Fogie
Apr 11, 2005
Not content with the factory-installed Wi-Fi adapter in his PSP, Seth Fogie added an external antenna to boost his signal strength and improve his signal-to-noise ratio. Here he shows how you can do it, too.
Web Browsing on the PSP
By Seth Fogie
Mar 30, 2005
Seth Fogie presents an alternate way for you to use your PSP to surf the web by using a local proxy program and DNS spoofing.
First Look: Sony PSP
By Seth Fogie
Mar 29, 2005
So what's the deal with the Sony PSP that everyone's talking about? Our own Seth Fogie gave up sleep to put this brand-new wonder through it's paces. Here are his thoughts.
PSP Exposed: Taking Apart the PlayStation Portable
By Seth Fogie
Mar 29, 2005
Not content to watch Spiderman-2 and play Need for Speed, Seth Fogie took apart his PSP to see what makes it tick — and if hardware mods are in its future. Luckily he took notes (and pictures) so the rest of us could take a peek inside, too.
Live from Quakecon 2004
By Cyrus Peikari
Aug 13, 2004
Cyrus Peikari reports from the trenches of Quakecon 2004, in between fragfests with Doom 3.
e-Marketing for the IT Professional, Part 8: Building a Site Community
By Frank Fiore
Jun 27, 2003
Good word of mouth makes great cheap advertising. But cheap ain't free; to capitalize on word of mouth, you still need to spend money, time, and effort. One good (and still cheap) way to spread around the good word about your organization is with community pages on your site where users can interact.

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