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Working with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2007
By Geetesh Bajaj, Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Feb 23, 2007
Geetesh Bajaj shows how to take advantage of perhaps the coolest improvements in PowerPoint 2007 and get the most out of SmartArt in your presentations.
The Mini Toolbar and Other Excel 2007 U.I. Improvements
By Bill Jelen
Feb 2, 2007
"Mr. Excel" Bill Jelen discusses the mini toolbar, formula bar, zoom slider and other new or changed UI features in Excel 2007.
Inserting Charts and Related Material in PowerPoint 2007
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
Jan 19, 2007
Seamlessly integrate information into your presentations using shared data.
Working with SmartArt
Dec 18, 2006
Inserting Charts and Related Material
Dec 11, 2006
The Mini Toolbar and Other U.I. Improvements
Dec 11, 2006
Implementing Professional Design Principles in Your PowerPoint Presentations
By Tom Bunzel
Dec 1, 2006
Tom Bunzel examines the PowerPoint Design Templates and looks more deeply into proven design principles and how to apply them to our own work.
Implementing Professional Design Principles
By Tom Bunzel
Oct 23, 2006
Building Presentations Using Outline View in PowerPoint 2003
By Sherry Kinkoph Gunter
Sep 1, 2006
Outline view lets you focus on the structure of your presentation's message and concentrate on your presentation's text, such as the main points and subpoints you want to convey. Learn how to use it effectively with this sample chapter.
PowerPoint Basics
By Read Gilgen
Nov 7, 2003
In this sample chapter, you'll learn your way around PowerPoint, from the PowerPoint screen to using templates to file management.
Going on the Road with Powerpoint
By Lisa Jahred
May 17, 2002
Use these essential tips by Lisa Jahred for preparing PowerPoint presentations in off-site locations with a production team.
Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations with Animation
By Lisa Jahred
Mar 8, 2002
If you're guilty of too many bullets on a slide and text that goes on forever, read Lisa Jahred's article on PowerPoint. She shows you how to bring your message and your audience to life with purposeful animation.
Working with Text in PowerPoint 2002
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Aug 27, 2001
In this sample chapter from Special Edition Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2002, become familiar with the sophisticated text formatting and customization options PowerPoint offers, as well as the automation it provides if you're in a hurry or have ...

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