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How to Automate Your Home with Your iPhone or iPad
By Jason Rich
Sep 7, 2012
In this article, Jason R. Rich takes a look at a handful of optional products that can be used with your Apple iPhone or iPad in order to automate and control appliances, lights, the thermostat, and other devices within your home from anywhere. Plus, you’ll discover how to use your iOS device as a wireless baby monitor, home video monitoring system, or even to track the location of your dog in real-time.
“Must Have” iPhone Accessories For Business People & Entrepreneurs
By Jason Rich
Mar 15, 2011
Jason R. Rich discusses some of the gadgets that can give your iPhone more features, options, and power for handling your daily needs.
10 Apps Every New iPhone or iPad User Should Install
By Jason Rich
Dec 21, 2012
Jason R. Rich focuses on 10 “must have” iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps that are available from the App Store.
10 Great Accessories For Your Galaxy Tab
By Lonzell Watson
Jun 28, 2012
See how you can get the most from your Galaxy Tab by exploring hardware accessories such as the optional USB & SD Connection Kit, keyboard dock, vehicle mount, and more.
20 iPhone/iPod Touch Apps to Check Out
By Ryan Faas
May 22, 2009
Ryan Faas put together a list of the 20 must-have apps for any (and all) iPod or iPhone users.
4G LTE Is Coming To New Cars in 2015
By Jason Rich
Sep 12, 2013
In this article, Jason R. Rich explores how the addition of 4G LTE Internet connectivity within 2015 model year vehicles will impact the in-car experience for drivers and passengers alike. Discover what a "connected car" will soon be capable of.
A Dozen “Must Have” iPhone Apps for Business Users
By Jason Rich
Jan 31, 2011
This article showcases a dozen powerful apps designed for business users. It offers a preview to the type of features and functionality you can add to your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 by downloading inexpensive third-party applications.
A Dozen “Must Have” iPhone/iPad Apps For Business Travelers
By Jason Rich
Feb 3, 2011
This article focuses on a dozen popular iPhone and iPad apps which are ideal for frequent travelers.
A First Look at Windows Phone 7’s Web Browser
By Brien Posey
Feb 10, 2011
Windows Phone 7 contains an all new version of Internet Explorer. This article discusses how the new browser improves upon the previous version.
A Personal Staff in Your Pocket: The Amazon Fire Phone's Firefly
By Lonzell Watson
May 18, 2015
Lonzell Watson, author of My Amazon Fire Phone, points out a feature of your Fire phone that will soon become a best friend. Point Firefly at text, artwork, product QR codes, and so on, and your phone becomes a secretary, a research librarian, a personal shopper for music and movies, and even a moderately good translator.
A Tour of the Samsung Galaxy’s Universe
By Eric Butow
Apr 16, 2012
Eric Butow shows you the Tab and Note universe to help you with your buying decision.
Accept Credit Card Payments On Your iPhone or iPad: No Costly Merchant Account Required
By Jason Rich
Jun 28, 2011
Jason R. Rich explains how to set up a low-cost credit card merchant account using an iPhone or iPad.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand: Developing iPhone Apps
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
May 12, 2010
In this chapter, you’ll get an overview for how to start developing for the iPhone using Flash CS5 including deploying an App to the iTunes App Store.
All New GM Cars Will Soon Have iPhone/iPad Integration
By Jason Rich
Sep 2, 2013
Jason R. Rich takes a closer look at how iOS mobile devices play a growing role in how drivers operate and experience their vehicles, and how in-car infotainment systems have changed forever.
Alternatives to the iPod
By Matthew David
Jul 8, 2005
Matthew David details alternatives to the iPod, which range from intelligent, computer-like pocket devices, to wafer-thin disposable players, to MP3 players that double as cell phones.
An Introduction to Mobile Banking on an iPhone or iPad
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 14, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at the types of apps that anyone can use to handle a wide range of mobile banking tasks, including managing bank and credit card accounts.
Android Hubs, Part 3: Using the Samsung Social Hub
By Eric Butow
Dec 28, 2012
The pre-installed Social Hub app on Android 4 makes it easy to view email from multiple accounts as well as feeds from multiple social networks on your Galaxy Tab. This article shows how to add email and social networking accounts to the Social Hub.
Android Hubs, Part 4: The Readers Hub
By Eric Butow
Jan 8, 2013
The Readers Hub is a built-in app for users of the Galaxy Tab 2. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Readers Hub to purchase, download, and read newspapers, magazines, and books on your Tab 2.
Apple iMessage: Top Five Tips
By Timothy L. Warner
May 30, 2013
Master the Relationship Between iMessage and MMS - Tim Warner gives you his top five tips for taking control of iMessage on your iDevices and/or Mac computers.
Apple iPhone and iPad Insurance Options: There's No Perfect Solution
By Jason Rich
Apr 29, 2011
Jason Rich helps you achieve peace of mind when using your Apple mobile device, knowing that should something go wrong, you're financially protected and have a plan in place to quickly repair or replace your damaged, lost ,or stolen device.

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