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Building a Linux-Driven Digital Picture Frame, Part 1
By Seth Fogie
Mar 18, 2005
If you want a digital picture frame, you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $2,000. In this article, Seth Fogie provides a very inexpensive ($50) alternative that can give you much the same effect, but for a fraction of the cost.
Building a Linux-Driven Digital Picture Frame, Part 2
By Seth Fogie
Mar 25, 2005
In part 2 of his series on converting an old laptop into a digital picture frame, Seth Fogie loads Linux and assembles the finished product.
Converting an IDE HD Mass Storage to SATA Storage in Linux
By A. Lizard
Nov 2, 2007
A.Lizard shows what it takes to outfit your Linux box with a new SATA-generation hard drive.
Duct Tape and Design: Applying Extreme Programming to System Administration
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
Just as system administration isn't all duct tape and chewing gum, extreme programming (XP) isn't just for cowboy coders, says Pat Eyler.
Functions and Aliases in bash
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
Addicted to aliases? Maybe you should be investigating functions instead, says Pat Eyler.
GNOME Interview
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
Pat Eyler interviews Jacob Berkman and Jamin Gray about GNOME 1.4 and new free software product releases.
Inside the Symbian Kernel
By David Chisnall
Apr 26, 2010
David Chisnall takes a look at the design of the recently open-sourced Symbian operating system and what makes it special.
Installing and Configuring TrueCrypt for Full Disk Encryption
By Randy Nash
Nov 24, 2008
Security expert Randy Nash describes how he deployed a FDE solution using the free, cross-platform, and open-source solution from TrueCrypt.
Pandora: An Open Console
By David Chisnall
Jun 2, 2009
David Chisnall looks at the OpenPandora project and considers what the impact of this handheld computing project is likely to be.
Remote Control Software Solves "Friends and Family" Support Issues
By Ed Tittel
Jan 10, 2012
In this lively autobiographical article, Ed Tittel describes his long-distance quest to help his father diagnose and fix computer issues.
Security Tools
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
Make room in your toolkit. This article covers six security tools that every administrator ought to have.
Taming the Wild Eee PC: Replacing the Operating System, Part 1
By A. Lizard
Feb 20, 2009
A. Lizard discusses one of the possible options for replacing the limited OEM operating system in the Asus Eee PC.
Taming the Wild Eee PC: Replacing the Operating System, Part 2
By A. Lizard
Feb 27, 2009
A. Lizard discusses installing a slightly modified version of Ubuntu as the Asus Eee PC base operating system.
The X Window System Startup
By Robert Napier
May 11, 2001
Although most Linux users make use of the X Window System, few understand how it gets started and where it can be configured. Robert Napier walks you through this "maze of twisty little passages" to get you comfortable exploring on your own.
Using Apache with SSL
By Robert Napier
May 11, 2001
One of the best additions that you can make to your server room is to include the Apache Web server on a Linux machine. In this article, Robert Napier explains how to build your own secure Apache server with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
Variable Mangling in bash with String Operators
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
In this article, Pat Eyler shows two very useful versions of variable substitution in bash--pattern matching and substitution.
Welcome to Konqueror
By Robert Napier
May 11, 2001
The Konqueror browser is a powerful addition to KDE 2. Besides working as a filesystem browser and manager, Konqueror can act as an FTP client, a World Wide Web browser, an image viewer, and more. Learn here how to use its capabilities.

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