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The Mobile Commerce Revolution and the Current State of Mobile
By Tim Hayden, Tom Webster
Oct 20, 2014
The statistics in this chapter from The Mobile Commerce Revolution: Business Success in a Wireless World underline what is truly powerful about mobile technology: It’s not about enabling things we couldn’t have imagined. Instead, today’s mobile technology enables exactly what the average consumer could have imagined, albeit in settings and situations that could not have been predicted.
A Strategic SEO Upfront Content Approach for WordPress SEO Success
By Jacob Aull
Jun 26, 2014
This chapter discusses starting SEO and developing a content strategy; outlines the best SEO content objectives, plans, and guides; explains how to pick the best keywords; and shows how to manage the WordPress SEO tools.
Using WordPress: Content
By Tris Hussey
May 13, 2014
This chapter is all about content - putting words in your WordPress blog: different types of content, how to create content, and specific things about each content type.
WordPress 3.6 More of the Same, Only Better
By Tris Hussey
Jan 13, 2014
Most of the updates in WordPress 3.6 are “under the hood” and just make WordPress faster and more stable, but there are a few great new touches for users of all levels.
Use the WordPress App to Become a Mobile Blogger
By Jason Rich
Jan 9, 2014
Discover the flexibility that comes from using the WordPress app. You can easily manage a WordPress website or blog from an iPad, allowing you to create text, photo, video and/or audio content while on the go, and then publish it directly from the tablet to the web.
The Value of Learning Programming from a Community of Women
By Thursday Bram
Sep 12, 2013
Thursday Bram recounts her own experiences as a programmer, which have shown her that there's a difference in a woman's ability to learn a technical topic when she is learning it from a group of other women, especially when she's used to being one of the only women in the room.
Developing an Effective Website Design
By Mark William Bell
Jan 4, 2013
This chapter shows you how to make decisions about developing an effective site design and where you can find some ideas that will help spark your design creativity.
Creating Pages and Basic Page Editing in Expression Web 4
By Jim Cheshire
Nov 7, 2012
This chapter provides basic information on page creation and editing in Expression Web 4, including sections on formatting text, creating hyperlinks, setting page preferences, and inserting and using code snippets.
Creating and Planning a Website with Adobe Muse
By Ted LoCascio
Oct 4, 2012
This chapter shows how to use Adobe Muse to specify the page size for your new website, how to create and apply master pages, and how to fill the browser with a background color or image and set objects to display at 100% browser width.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 3
By Jeff Friesen
Sep 18, 2012
Developer Jeff Friesen concludes his series on JQuery's selectors by exploring filter, extension, and custom selectors.
Creating Forms in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
By Steve Johnson, . Perspection Inc.
Aug 21, 2012
This chapter provides a wealth of information to help you plan, design, and build forms in Dreamweaver CS6.
Working with Code Snippets in Microsoft Expression Web 4 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
By Kathleen Anderson
May 25, 2012
Kathleen Anderson will show you how to work with the new Code Snippets Panel, create your own code snippets, sync them with all your PCs running SP2, and share them with other Expression Web 4 users.
Revisiting the Evernote/Microsoft OneNote Competitive Landscape
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 9, 2012
Peter O'Kelly highlights some of the differences between Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.
OneNote for iPad: Ample Room for Improvement
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 8, 2012
Peter O'Kelly explains how the limitations in the initial release of OneNote for iPad might frustrate people who have more elaborate information-management needs.
OneNote for iPad: A Hopeful Leading Indicator
By Peter O'Kelly
Mar 7, 2012
Peter O'Kelly provides an overview of OneNote for iPad, along with some analysis of what Microsoft may do next with OneNote for Windows, iPad, and other platforms.
Tweeting To and From Your Evernote Account
By Katherine Murray
Mar 5, 2012
Katherine Murray shows how you can follow people and subjects on Twitter that bring the information you're looking for right to your browser window. And, thanks to Evernote, you can send the tweets you want to keep directly to your Evernote notebook, too.
Capturing Audio Notes in Evernote
By Katherine Murray
Mar 2, 2012
Katherine Murray shows you how to record, save, and manage audio notes in Evernote, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
Whose Job Is Content?
By Rebecca Lieb
Dec 5, 2011
Strategizing, creating, assessing, disseminating, evaluating, and monetizing content doesn’t just happen by itself. Someone’s got to actually do it. This chapter explores an organization's options for content creation.
Content is Cash: SONAR in Action
By Wendy Montes de Oca
Oct 22, 2011
This chapter includes case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of SONAR, a content distribution model designed to improve ROI on existing web content.
Top 10 Tips for Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website
By Michael Miller
Aug 29, 2011
Michael Miller gives you 10 useful tips for creating a version of your website that works with smartphones and other mobile devices.

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