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Getting Started in Microsoft Project 2010 After the Business Initiative Is Approved
By Scott Daley
Mar 11, 2011
This chapter shows you how to plan for a successful project by setting the direction, sharing the vision, and establishing the rules of the project.
Public Speaking: We Promise You Won't Die
By Erik Deckers, Kyle Lacy
Feb 7, 2011
Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy cover everything you need to know about public speaking, from learning how not to burst into flames from nervousness to identifying speaking opportunities to giving your talk.
The Truth About Getting the Best from People: You Don't Need the Carrot or the Stick
By Martha I. Finney
Mar 14, 2008
With most people, there’s a little gem of engagement potential glowing deep inside. Find that gem, and lead with that. You could find yourself leading a transformed department, and even loving your own job more.
The Truth About Negotiations: If You Have Only One Hour to Prepare…
By Leigh L. Thompson
Oct 19, 2007
Any time meeting your goals requires the cooperation of others, you must negotiate.
Interviewing Job Applicants: Forget Traits; It's Behavior That Counts!
By Stephen P. Robbins
Oct 12, 2007
Traits aren’t necessarily good predictors of future job performance.
Real-World Project Management: Project Management Models, Certifications, and the Pyramids
By Joseph Phillips
Sep 9, 2005
Joe Phillips wraps up his series on real-world project management by expounding on models and certifications that really work.
Real-World Project Management: Procurement
By Joseph Phillips
Aug 26, 2005
It's highly likely that your organization has some rules about what and when you can buy for your project. Ignoring the rules won't make you any friends, and can complicate the project's outcome. Joe Phillips advocates paying attention to a few specific areas for procurement success.
Managing Interdepartmental eCommerce Functions
By Frank Fiore
Jul 8, 2005
Cooperation among departments is crucial to getting your electronic storefront up and running. As your company's eCommerce manager, it's your job to facilitate all this "let's get together" strategy. How can you get everyone on the same page? Frank Fiore explains the issues and shows where you need to focus your attention.
Essential Elements for Managing Any Successful Project
By Greg Horine
Jun 24, 2005
What makes a project successful, or not? Learn about the leading causes of "troubled" projects, as well as the common principles, techniques, and tools underlying most successful projects.
Real World Project Management: Managing Your Human Resources
By Joseph Phillips
Jun 3, 2005
Joe Phillips takes you through both the theory and practice of human resources management and shows you the pros and cons of common management structures.
Real World Project Management: Quality Projects Take Time, Money, and Tasty Beer
By Joseph Phillips
May 20, 2005
Continuing his series on Project Management, Joe Phillips muses on service and quality for the benefit of project managers and barflies everywhere.
Real World Project Management: Managing the Project Scope
By Joseph Phillips
Jan 28, 2005
How many of your projects fail? Can you blame that failure on lack of scope control, poorly defined requirements, or stakeholders who think your project is a la carte? If so, you need real-world scope management, as discussed by project management expert Joseph Phillips.
Real World Project Management: An Introduction
By Joseph Phillips
Jan 7, 2005
Everyone talks about project management, but what is it? Project management expert Joseph Phillips kicks off his new series by looking at the big picture of project management.