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Spend an Hour, Save a Week: Tracking What You Do
By Pat Brans
Apr 9, 2012
Sometimes we learn important things in an unexpected setting. On a four-hour hike in the mountain with friends, Pat Brans learned a healthy, easy, and life-changing technique that anyone can use.
Getting Started in Microsoft Project 2010 After the Business Initiative Is Approved
By Scott Daley
Mar 11, 2011
This chapter shows you how to plan for a successful project by setting the direction, sharing the vision, and establishing the rules of the project.
Ten Online Collaboration Tools that Let You Work with Anyone Anywhere in the World
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Dec 30, 2010
Business technology author Patrice-Anne Rutledge describes ten online collaboration tools that let you work with anyone anywhere.
What To Expect When You Attend Your First Networking Meeting
By Erik Deckers
Dec 15, 2010
It doesn't matter how outgoing you are, being thrown into a room full of people you've never met can be intimidating. But it won't kill you, and it's relatively painless. Here is a basic idea of what to expect and how you can have an effective first networking meeting.
Taking a Chance on the PMI-RMP
By Joseph Phillips
Jul 31, 2009
Project management expert Joseph Phillips shows what you need to in order to become a risk management guru with a PMI-Risk Management Professional certification.
Microsoft Project and the Project Management Domain
By QuantumPM, LLC
Apr 1, 2008
This chapter provides the context for the use of Microsoft Project within the domain of project management.
Public Speaking Is Not Easy, but It's Certainly Doable
By James O'Rourke
Mar 7, 2008
Great speakers may seem to perform with an ease that makes it all look effortless, but the most honest of them will tell you that it didn’t come easily. It requires dedication, discipline, and a commitment to improve. You can do the same. The moment to begin is now.
Real-World Project Management: Project Management Models, Certifications, and the Pyramids
By Joseph Phillips
Sep 9, 2005
Joe Phillips wraps up his series on real-world project management by expounding on models and certifications that really work.
Real-World Project Management: Procurement
By Joseph Phillips
Aug 26, 2005
It's highly likely that your organization has some rules about what and when you can buy for your project. Ignoring the rules won't make you any friends, and can complicate the project's outcome. Joe Phillips advocates paying attention to a few specific areas for procurement success.
Real-World Project Management: Risk and Poker
By Joseph Phillips
Jul 1, 2005
Just like playing a hot game of poker, the art of project management sometimes involves taking serious risks if you're hoping for significant rewards. Joe Phillips shows how to identify and analyze risk to improve your project's chance of success.
Essential Elements for Managing Any Successful Project
By Greg Horine
Jun 24, 2005
What makes a project successful, or not? Learn about the leading causes of "troubled" projects, as well as the common principles, techniques, and tools underlying most successful projects.
Real-World Project Management: Managing Project Communications
By Joseph Phillips
Jun 17, 2005
Do you have a problem with communications that could be wasting your valuable time as project manager? Joseph Phillips covers how to get focused on communicating.
Real World Project Management: Managing Your Human Resources
By Joseph Phillips
Jun 3, 2005
Joe Phillips takes you through both the theory and practice of human resources management and shows you the pros and cons of common management structures.
Real World Project Management: Quality Projects Take Time, Money, and Tasty Beer
By Joseph Phillips
May 20, 2005
Continuing his series on Project Management, Joe Phillips muses on service and quality for the benefit of project managers and barflies everywhere.
White Collar Slacking: Using Technology to Fool your Boss
By Marc Saltzman
May 6, 2005
Marc Saltzman offers several sample tips and tricks that will help you appear to be working when you're not, and an overview of his book, White Collar Slacker's Handbook, which offers the complete guide to tricking your boss into thinking that you're diligent and hard-working.
Real World Project Management: Estimating Your Project Costs
By Joseph Phillips
Apr 29, 2005
Like a character in a Lyle Lovett song, project managers have to focus on the M-O-N-E-Y when providing project estimates. "How much will it cost?" Well, did you want a ROM estimate, a budget estimate, or a definitive estimate?
Real World Project Management: Time Management for Project Managers
By Joseph Phillips
Feb 18, 2005
Budgeting your time is all well and good, but it's a rare day that goes exactly as planned. This chapter helps you plan for a project in the real world, where things take longer than anticipated.
Real World Project Management: Managing the Project Scope
By Joseph Phillips
Jan 28, 2005
How many of your projects fail? Can you blame that failure on lack of scope control, poorly defined requirements, or stakeholders who think your project is a la carte? If so, you need real-world scope management, as discussed by project management expert Joseph Phillips.
Real World Project Management: An Introduction
By Joseph Phillips
Jan 7, 2005
Everyone talks about project management, but what is it? Project management expert Joseph Phillips kicks off his new series by looking at the big picture of project management.