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Kindle vs. Nook: Comparing eBook Readers
By Michael Miller
Jul 4, 2013
Interested in a new eBook reader? Not sure which model to buy? In this article, author Michael Miller compares the latest eBook readers from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and helps you decide which model is best for you.
How to Turn Your iPhone into a Portable AM/FM Radio
By Michael Miller
Feb 4, 2013
Michael Miller shows you several ways to get AM/FM programming on your iPhone - from external accessories to online streaming services.
Android Hubs, Part 2: The Music Hub
By Eric Butow
Dec 3, 2012
Samsung has teamed up with the 7digital music service to provide music shopping and downloading on your Galaxy Tab using the built-in Music Hub app. As Eric Butow explains, within the app, you can shop for tracks or entire albums, and you can also add tracks to a playlist.
Playing Music on a Portable Music Player or Smartphone
By Michael Miller
Sep 20, 2012
Michael Miller shows how to choose a portable music player then get the most out of your music on that device.
Getting and Staying Connected with Windows 7: Phones, Devices, and Tablets
By Katherine Murray
Sep 18, 2012
This chapter shows you how to connect your devices and sync your files with your Windows 7 PC.
Top Five Portable Music Apps for the iPhone
By Michael Miller
Jul 24, 2012
Ultimate Digital Music Guide author Michael Miller presents his top five (plus one) music apps for the iPhone — and most of them are free!
How To Create, Edit, Save, and Sync Playlists Using The Music App
By Jason Rich
Jul 6, 2012
Jason R. Rich offers tips for creating, editing, saving, and syncing your Playlists.
Creating and Managing an Instagram Account From Your iPhone/iPad
By Jason Rich
Jun 21, 2012
Avid iPhone and iPad user Jason Rich introduces you to the Instagram online photo sharing service, which is used to share digital photos that have been shot using the cameras built in to your iPhone or iPad.
Choosing the Right File Format for Your Digital Music
By Michael Miller
Jun 20, 2012
In this article, Ultimate Digital Music Guide author Michael Miller walks you through all the options and helps you decide which is the right file format for your digital music.
Five New Features of iOS 5 You Probably Didn’t Know About
By Michael Miller
Jan 19, 2012
What’s new in Apple’s latest operating system update for the iPhone and iPad? Author Michael Miller walks you through five new features of iOS 5 you probably don’t know about — but should.
Working with Photos and Video on your iPod Touch
By Brad Miser
Jan 16, 2012
In this chapter, you’ll explore all the photo and video functionality that the iPod touch has to offer.
Using the Apple App Store
By James Floyd Kelly
Jan 9, 2012
In this lesson, you learn to use the App Store to search and download both free apps and paid apps.
iPad or eReader: What Should Book-Lovers Buy?
By Sam Costello
Dec 28, 2011
To make a smart purchase, and to join the eBook revolution, Sam Costello gives you some answers and helps you figure out what eReader or tablet is best for you.
iPad or Laptop: Which Is Best for Your Middle Schooler?
By Sam Costello
Dec 28, 2011
If you want to equip your child with the technology that can help him excel, you need to figure out what best suits the needs of your middle schooler. Sam Costello can lead you in the right direction.
Perfect Holiday Gifts For iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch Users: Accessories They'll Love
By Jason Rich
Dec 12, 2011
In this article, Jason R. Rich offers a selection of quality holiday gift suggestions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users of all ages.
Customizing the Notification Center App: Don’t Get Inundated with Alerts and Alarms
By Jason Rich
Oct 12, 2011
Avid iPhone/iPad user Jason R. Rich introduces you to the new iOS 5 Notification Center app, and shows you how to avoid getting inundated with unimportant alerts and alarms.
Don’t Forget to Use the New Reminders App: Tips for Making It Work for You
By Jason Rich
Oct 12, 2011
iPhone/iPad user Jason R. Rich introduces you to the new Reminders app in iOS 5 and offers tips for using it efficiently.
Managing Your Twitter Account from Your iPhone or iPad with iOS 5 Integration
By Jason Rich
Oct 12, 2011
In this article, best-selling author and avid iPhone/iPad user Jason R. Rich explains how to manage one or more Twitter accounts efficiently using your iOS 5 device
Setting Up Your iOS Device to Use iCloud Backup: Pros and Cons
By Jason Rich
Oct 12, 2011
Maintaining a regular and reliable back up of your iPhone or iPad is a strategy you should get into the habit of doing, right from the start. Jason R. Rich explains the new iCloud Backup feature in iOS 5 and how to use it.
What's New with the iOS 5 Version of Safari: What You Need to Know About Tabbed Browsing and More
By Jason Rich
Oct 12, 2011
Best-selling author and avid iPhone/iPad user Jason R. Rich introduces you to the new version of Safari for iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and explains some of the web browser’s new and most useful features, including tabbed browsing, Reader, and Reading List.

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