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Camtasia Studio QuickStart Guide for Authors, Part 2: Using Postproduction Features to Edit, Enhance, and Produce Your Video
By Tom Bunzel
Oct 22, 2014
Tom Bunzel, author of Solving the PowerPoint Predicament: Using Digital Media for Effective Communication, concludes his two-part series on TechSmith's Camtasia by showing how to edit, customize, and produce your specialized video and audio projects with Camtasia Editor.
Camtasia Studio QuickStart Guide for Authors, Part 1: Getting Started with Screen-Capture Video Production
By Tom Bunzel
Oct 13, 2014
Tom Bunzel, author of Solving the PowerPoint Predicament: Using Digital Media for Effective Communication, uses TechSmith's Camtasia Studio to build effective multimedia presentations. In Part 1 of a two-part series, he shows how Camtasia Recorder can capture presentation and narration simultaneously, creating both video and audio parts of a project.
Protect Your Online Privacy by Removing Exif Data from Your Photos
By Timothy L. Warner
May 15, 2014
To better protect your online confidentiality, it is crucial to learn what Exif data is, how to view it, and how to strip it from your digital images before you put them on the public Internet.
Microsoft Xbox One and Surface Tips and Tricks
By Sean Ong
Mar 3, 2014
In this video, Sean Ong demonstrates his favorite Xbox One features, including interaction with the Microsoft Surface tablet.
Remote Desktop and Live TV on the Microsoft Surface
By Sean Ong
Mar 3, 2014
In this video, Sean Ong explains how to set up remote desktop capabilities on the Microsoft Surface using a variety of apps and methods. Various applications and video streaming capabilities are showcased to illustrate the performance of running a remote desktop under different circumstances.
Using Miracast with the Microsoft Surface
By Sean Ong
Mar 3, 2014
Sean Ong demonstrates screen mirroring, extended display, multi-tasking, and casting of music and video games using Miracast wireless display technology on a Microsoft Surface 2.
Choosing the Best Music and Video Streaming Service For You
By Sam Costello
Dec 17, 2013
There are more companies offering streaming music, movies, and TV than ever before. There are so many choices, figuring out which streaming service is right for you can be a real challenge. These charts compare music and video streaming services in key categories to help you figure out which one, or which combination, is best for your needs.
How to Use the Vine Service from an iPhone or iPad
By Jason Rich
Nov 20, 2013
Leap into the world of the latest social-media platform, Vine. Learn all about this video clip-sharing service and how it can be accessed using the free Vine app for the iPhone and iPad.
Take Better Photos on Your iPhone Using the olloclip Photography Accessories
By Jason Rich
Nov 15, 2013
Jason R. Rich explains how to use the optional olloclip 3-in-1 lens, as well as the olloclip Telephoto & Circular Polarizing Filter Lens, in order to take better photos with your iPhone.
11 Terrific Online Video Sites That Aren't Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes
By Sam Costello
Sep 20, 2013
There's lots of niche content on the web, maybe just not at the main streaming video sites. Sam Costello introduces 11 alternative streaming sites in this article.
Nine Great Devices for Streaming Music and Movies
By Sam Costello
Sep 9, 2013
From set-top boxes to gadgets, Blu-ray players to game consoles, there are many great choices to bring streaming content into your living room as Sam Costello explains in this article.
Choosing the Best Streaming Media Box
By Michael Miller
Jul 30, 2013
You know how to watch streaming Internet video on your computer, but how do you stream movies and TV shows to your living room TV? The solution is to purchase one of the many streaming media boxes available today. In this article, author Michael Miller examines the most popular of these set top boxes, and recommends which ones are best suited to your own viewing needs.
Choosing the Right Streaming Video Service
By Michael Miller
Jul 23, 2013
More and more viewers are watching their favorite TV shows and movies online, via Internet streaming video. In this article, author Michael Miller examines the major streaming video services and helps you decide which ones best fit your viewing habits.
Cutting the Cable Cord with Streaming Internet Video
By Michael Miller
Jul 16, 2013
If you've had it with humongous cable or satellite TV bills (and lousy service, too!) it’s time to cut the cord and go online for your TV viewing. In this article, author Michael Miller shows you how to disconnect from your cable or satellite provider and find just about everything you want online, via Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming media services.
Quick and Easy Photos: Smartphones vs. Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras
By Michael Miller
Jul 8, 2013
More and more people are taking pictures with their smartphones and leaving their digital cameras behind. In this article, Michael Miller examines and pros and cons of taking pictures with a smartphone vs. a traditional digital camera, and recommends when to use each.
Streaming vs. Downloading: What’s the Best Way to Get New Digital Music
By Michael Miller
Sep 28, 2012
Michael Miller, author of The Ultimate Digital Music Guide, examines the pros and cons of both streaming and downloading music, and offers suggestions on which approach is best for you.
Shooting and Sharing Video Shot On An iPhone or iPad
By Jason Rich
Jul 18, 2012
Jason R. Rich explains how to shoot videos on your Apple iPhone or iPad using the Camera app, and then discusses some of the ways to edit and share your video footage using Photos, iMovie, or other apps.
View, Edit & Enhance Your Photos With The New iPhoto App
By Jason Rich
Jun 19, 2012
If you enjoy taking photos with your iPhone or iPad, or viewing and editing digital images on your iOS device, iPhoto from Apple is a “must have” app. In this article, Jason Rich introduces you to the new iPhoto app, and explains what it can do.
Watching HBO GO on Xbox 360
By Christina Loguidice
Jun 11, 2012
Christina Loguidice shows you how to use your Xbox 360 controller or Kinect to play, pause, and rewind through all your favorite HBO shows, as well as gain access to special interactive features.
Importing and Sharing Local Files in Spotify
By Michael Miller
Mar 7, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to import your own music into Spotify and then share your tunes with your Spotify and Facebook friends.

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