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Getting to Know the New YouTube Interface
By Michael Miller
May 9, 2013
Michael Miller takes you on a tour of the new YouTube and shows you where all the good stuff is hiding.
Outsmarting Social Media: Social and Contextual Discovery
By Evan Bailyn
May 10, 2012
This chapter explains the concept of social and contextual discovery and compares them to traditional search. It also explains how you can begin to use social and contextual discovery in your business.
YouTube's New Channels for Business
By Michael Miller
Jan 30, 2012
Michael Miller shows you how to customize the YouTube new channel pages and work around the limitations YouTube has introduced.
Tips for Producing More Effective YouTube Videos
By Michael Miller
Apr 11, 2011
This chapter shows you how to make better-looking, better-performing YouTube videos and drive customers to your accompanying website.
Editing Your Home Movies for YouTube
By Michael Miller
Dec 1, 2010
Every minute, more than 24 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube. Many of these videos are home movies, edited especially for YouTube viewing. How should you edit your movies for YouTube? Find out how in this article by Michael Miller.
Using YouTube Videos to Attract New Customers
By Michael Miller
Nov 15, 2010
Many businesses are using YouTube videos to attract new customers. Find out how in this article by Michael Miller, author of YouTube for Business and The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide.
Recruiting with Social Media: Setting the Scene
By Raj Anand
Sep 22, 2010
This chapter explores the evolution of recruitment and social media, reviews the opportunities that digital has to offer in marketing and promoting a company and its product or service, examines how social media campaigns can increase awareness and efficiency and decrease costs.