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SQL Server AlwaysOn and Availability Groups
By Ray Rankins, Paul Bertucci, Chris Gallelli, Alex T. Silverstein
Jun 29, 2015
SQL Server's AlwaysOn is taking the database world by storm. This chapter from Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed dives into the AlwaysOn new features and availability groups.
In-Memory Optimization and the Buffer Pool Extension in SQL Server 2014
By Ray Rankins, Paul Bertucci, Chris Gallelli, Alex T. Silverstein
Jun 18, 2015
To take maximum advantage of the performance improvements that can be achieved from having your critical OLTP tables memory resident, Microsoft developed the In-Memory Optimization feature for SQL Server. Another feature introduced in SQL Server 2014 to take advantage of the lower costs and increased sizes of SSDs, is the Buffer Pool Extension feature. The authors of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed discuss both of these exciting new features in this chapter.
Preface to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed
By Ray Rankins, Paul Bertucci, Chris Gallelli, Alex T. Silverstein
May 26, 2015
The authors of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed introduce their book and discuss its intended audience, what the book covers, and conventions used in the book.
Remote Control Software Solves "Friends and Family" Support Issues
By Ed Tittel
Jan 10, 2012
In this lively autobiographical article, Ed Tittel describes his long-distance quest to help his father diagnose and fix computer issues.
Enhanced Connectivity from SQL to SharePoint to Office
By J. Peter Bruzzese
Jul 12, 2010
Flexible dynamic data access is an impressive improvement to SharePoint 2010 that provides both read and write capabilities back to an external data source, like SQL, so that you can adjust data between Office, SharePoint and SQL. In this article we will show you how!
Pandora: An Open Console
By David Chisnall
Jun 2, 2009
David Chisnall looks at the OpenPandora project and considers what the impact of this handheld computing project is likely to be.
Taming the Wild Eee PC: Replacing the Operating System, Part 2
By A. Lizard
Feb 27, 2009
A. Lizard discusses installing a slightly modified version of Ubuntu as the Asus Eee PC base operating system.
Taming the Wild Eee PC: Replacing the Operating System, Part 1
By A. Lizard
Feb 20, 2009
A. Lizard discusses one of the possible options for replacing the limited OEM operating system in the Asus Eee PC.
Installing and Configuring TrueCrypt for Full Disk Encryption
By Randy Nash
Nov 24, 2008
Security expert Randy Nash describes how he deployed a FDE solution using the free, cross-platform, and open-source solution from TrueCrypt.
Converting an IDE HD Mass Storage to SATA Storage in Linux
By A. Lizard
Nov 2, 2007
A.Lizard shows what it takes to outfit your Linux box with a new SATA-generation hard drive.
Building a Linux-Driven Digital Picture Frame, Part 2
By Seth Fogie
Mar 25, 2005
In part 2 of his series on converting an old laptop into a digital picture frame, Seth Fogie loads Linux and assembles the finished product.
Building a Linux-Driven Digital Picture Frame, Part 1
By Seth Fogie
Mar 18, 2005
If you want a digital picture frame, you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $2,000. In this article, Seth Fogie provides a very inexpensive ($50) alternative that can give you much the same effect, but for a fraction of the cost.
Filtering, Sorting, and Summarizing Data in Crystal Reports
By Neil FitzGerald, Bob Coates, James Edkins, Naisan Geula, Ryan Marples, Michael Voloshko
Sep 10, 2004
The beauty of Crystal Reports is its ability to translate data from your database into useful information, but getting it to do that can take some work. This chapter will help you get started.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 4
By Rob Hawthorne
Apr 18, 2003
In this article, Rob Hawthorne completes the series by showing you how to install an SP for SQL Server and gives you ways to modify the calling batch application to ensure that the whole process is completed from start to finish.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 3
By Rob Hawthorne
Apr 11, 2003
So far in this series, you have seen how to install SQL Server silently by using a simple batch file and the .iss unattend file. Now Rob Hawthorne looks at how to make the installation and configuration of SQL Server flow into a single call-able batch file, providing a "wrapper" installation script to any other scripts you may need to execute when installing and configuring SQL Server.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 2
By Rob Hawthorne
Mar 28, 2003
By scripting the installation of SQL Server, administrators and SQL DBAs can ensure a consistent deployment of SQL Server, every time! No more cheat sheets or how-to documents and a world free of tombs of documentation. Sound too good to be true? Rob Hawthorne shows you how to make your life easier by using a small self-documenting batch file.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 1
By Rob Hawthorne
Mar 21, 2003
The deployment and configuration of software can be a real nightmare to standardize; administrators have their own ideas of best practice, even with checklists (or cheat sheets). In this series of articles, Rob Hawthorne discusses the unattended installation of SQL Server and shows you how to write your own scripts to install SQL Server, ensuring a standard and consistent deployment every time!
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 5 - Dissecting Oracle 9i
By Rob Hawthorne
Aug 30, 2002
See the pure power of this awarding-winning RDBMS by looking at the outstanding features and benefits that it has to offer you.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 4 - The Softer Side of SQL Server 2000
By Rob Hawthorne
Aug 9, 2002
See the conclusion of Rob Hawthorne's review of the good, the bad, and the ugly in Microsoft's SQL Server 2000. And there's more on Oracle to come!
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 3 - A Closer Look at SQL Server
By Rob Hawthorne
Aug 2, 2002
Explore Microsoft's SQL Server 2000, looking at features and benefits of this relational database management system.

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