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Top 10 Tips for Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website
By Michael Miller
Aug 29, 2011
Michael Miller gives you 10 useful tips for creating a version of your website that works with smartphones and other mobile devices.
Basic Game Framework in ActionScript 3: A Matching Game
By Gary Rosenzweig
Jun 13, 2011
This chapter details the creation of a simple matching game (finding matching images on face-down cards) with ActionScript 3.0.
Build a Website for Free: Planning Your Site
By Mark Bell
Dec 28, 2010
This chapter asks questions you should consider when planning your website's structure. Answering as many as you can will help you make important decisions about your site.
Ten SEO Tricks for any Website
By Michael Miller
Jul 6, 2009
Michael Miller shares 10 search engine optimization tricks that any website can use to improve its rankings and increase its traffic.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 3: Voice XML Grammars
By Frank Coyle
Aug 10, 2007
Improve the quality of the voice interface by understanding the rules of voice grammars.
Working with Web Pages in Expression Web
By Perspection Inc., Steve Johnson
Apr 20, 2007
In this sample chapter, you'll learn how to create an HTML or ASP.NET page; navigate, manage, change, print, and preview Web pages; use a dynamic page template; animate page transitions, and more using Microsoft Expression Web.
Working with Web Pages
Apr 2, 2007
Adding Text to a Page with FrontPage
By Ned Snell
Aug 4, 2006
By all means, pictures are important. But it's the words, or text, that carry most of your content. Text does the critical job of saying what you want your Web page to say. It might not always be the coolest thing on your pages, but it's usually the most important thing. In this part, you explore the ways you create, edit, and correct Web page text in FrontPage 2003.
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
By Tim Stevens
Oct 14, 2005
Charlemagne's Scribes: Why There's More to IT Than Computer Programs
By Bob Reselman
Mar 19, 2004
History shows us that information technology has been around since runners carried messages up and down the Great Wall of China. Bob Reselman explains that there's more to IT than computer programs and digital networks.
Using FrontPage Wizards, Templates, and Themes
By Kate J. Chase, Jennifer Ackerman Kettell
Dec 23, 2003
There's no shame in using the tools FrontPage provides, relying on Web site and page templates to create these elements for you. And, because not everyone has an eye for design and color, themes can take out the guesswork from your design process. Learn to use these tools, even if it's just as the foundation for your own themes.
Five Rules for Effective Third-Party Software Development
By Bob Reselman
Dec 19, 2003
Leading a well-balanced, professionally satisfying life as a third-party software developer doesn't just happen; it's attained through thought and practice. The Five Rules help you find or rediscover your path to making good code for others competently, comfortably, and profitably.
FrontPage's Views
By Jim Cheshire, Paul Colligan
Nov 26, 2003
Among FrontPage's most powerful features is its ability to show you multiple ways to look at your Web site during the the design process. Specifically new to FrontPage 2003 is the Split view, but many of the others have been updated to provide more power to the end user. Learn to use the various views in this software package -- and how to create better sites as a result.
Kirk to Engineering: What About SMS with Java?
By Bob Reselman
Oct 31, 2003
The communicators that we fantasized about in Star Trek are a reality today. Learning to program for SMS provides the up-and-coming Java developer with a ticket to that future.
Overdoing C++ Templates
By Steve Donovan
Mar 22, 2002
This article, an opinion piece by Steve Donovan for the British magazine EXE, points out that software engineering practice should be conservative about any innovations, especially new silver bullets.
Scripting with C++
By Steve Donovan
Mar 22, 2002
Using C++ in an informal way frees up its expressive power. In this article, Steve Donovan discusses scripting: its micro (small utilities) and macro (glue for system integration) meanings.
The Standard Containers as Class Templates
By Steve Donovan
Mar 22, 2002
This article by Steve Donovan, excerpted from C++ by Example (Que, 2001, ISBN: 0789726769), discusses the issue of generic classes as standard containers.
Conversational C++
By Steve Donovan
Mar 15, 2002
In this article, Steve Donovan shows you the practicality and the power of using C++ in interactive mode, and how it can vastly improve programmer productivity.
Defending Macros
By Steve Donovan
Mar 15, 2002
Using C macros in C++ code can result in clearer, more readable code (provided they are used in a disciplined way), as described in this article by Steve Donovan.