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Going Unsocial: How to Disconnect from Social Networking
By Michael Miller
Jul 23, 2012
Facebook for Grown-Ups author Michael Miller shows you how to disconnect from Facebook and other social networks — and discusses what to expect when you’re no longer sharing online.
Gamification for Business Engagement: Legal Risks & Opportunities in Using Virtual Goods (Badges, Points, Leaderboards, and other Incentives)
By Robert McHale
Jul 2, 2012
Robert McHale offers practical steps businesses can take to minimize their legal exposure while maximizing the potential gains of "gamification."
The Law of Social Media Endorsements and Testimonials For Business - What Companies & Their Employees Can & Cannot Tweet, Blog, or Say
By Robert McHale
Jun 25, 2012
Robert McHale provides guidelines to help your business take advantage of positive customer reviews while avoiding potential legal liability.
Social Media Law for Business: Trademark Protections from Brandjacking and Cybersquatting in Social Networks
By Robert McHale
Jun 18, 2012
Robert McHale provides tips to help protect your business’s social network usernames, handles and domain names from brandjackers and cybersquatters.
Social Media Promotion Law: Contests and Sweepstakes
By Robert McHale
May 30, 2012
This chapter provides a brief overview of the laws you need to know to avoid placing your business at legal risk when hosting social media promotions.
Marketing in the Round: Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era
By Geoff Livingston, Gini Dietrich
May 17, 2012
This chapter explains how and why marketing serves as the hub in the round of communication disciplines, how to break down the silos, how to get senior leadership involved, and how to develop the marketing round team and get your vision, goals, and dashboard ready.
Outsmarting Social Media: Social and Contextual Discovery
By Evan Bailyn
May 10, 2012
This chapter explains the concept of social and contextual discovery and compares them to traditional search. It also explains how you can begin to use social and contextual discovery in your business.
Which Social Networks are Best for Business Marketing?
By Michael Miller
May 7, 2012
Michael Miller offers some advice on which social networks deliver the best results — and whether you need to market to them all.
Exploring the New Twitter
By Michael Miller
Mar 21, 2012
Michael Miller walks you through the new Twitter and explains all about the new functionality.
How To Choose Between Twitter and Facebook: Strengths and Weaknesses
By Brian Carter
Jan 31, 2012
Brian Carter points out the pluses and minuses of the two most popular choices for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter.
Roundup of iPhone and iPad Apps for Online Social Networking
By Jason Rich
Dec 21, 2011
Jason R. Rich introduces you to just some of the apps that you can use to actively participate on the various online social networking services, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn using your iPhone or iPad.
Using Twitter to Enhance Your Personal Brand
By Kyle Lacy
Jun 3, 2011
Even though Twitter is a new site, its growth is stupendous. With more than 180 million people, Twitter is a force to be reckoned with in the world of marketing. Kyle Lacy describes why the tool is important to a corporate branding as well as your personal brand.
Consolidating Your Activities Across Multiple Social Networks
By Michael Miller
May 4, 2011
If you use multiple social networking services, it can be a pain tracking all your friends and making posts across networks. Michael Miller shows you a variety of tools that help you consolidate your social networking activities — and make social networking a lot less time consuming.
Maximizing Social Conversations as a Marketing Strategy
By Michael Miller
Apr 29, 2011
To become successful in social media marketing, you have to master the art of the conversation. In this article, Michael Miller shows you how to use social media to encourage two-way conversations with your customers — and benefit from that interchange of ideas.
A Holistic Approach to Social Media Marketing: Part 2
By Raj Anand
Feb 9, 2011
Part 2 in Raj Anand's series explains how to develop a social media strategy at a board level, using Dell as an example.
A Holistic Approach to Social Media Marketing: Part 1
By Raj Anand
Feb 2, 2011
Raj Anand provides an overview of why social media are only channels of communication and why they require a wider board-level strategy to be successful.
Recruiting with Social Media: Setting the Scene
By Raj Anand
Sep 22, 2010
This chapter explores the evolution of recruitment and social media, reviews the opportunities that digital has to offer in marketing and promoting a company and its product or service, examines how social media campaigns can increase awareness and efficiency and decrease costs.
2011 Social Media Directory: Entertainment
By Jeffery A. Riley
Sep 6, 2010
This chapter highlights the best of the social media resources for the entertainment industry from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the web at large.