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Can You Survive With Only an iPhone?

By  Aug 26, 2010

Topics: Gadgets & Computer Hardware

I'm now the proud owner of an iPhone 4! Now that I'm finally over the giddiness of having this new toy, I'm trying to start some serious R&D work. Can you survive with just an iPhone 4 and no other technological devices? For how long - a day, a week, even a month?

Just to clarify, this is my first ever smartphone. Those of you out there who have been browsing, emailing and downloading apps on your phones for years will just have to bear with me. Yes, I've worked on many a book that covered all of this and more, but this is my first personal foray into the smartphone world. I even had the internet blocked on my old LG Neon so that I wouldn't accidentally hit that little button that connects to the internet and caused me to rack up 5 and 10 cent data charges all of the time.

Back to the iPhone. I started the argument in my previous post that the iPad could replace your laptop, in many instances entirely, depending on what you do with your laptop. If it's simply a source of information and entertainment, I'd argue that you could certainly put the laptop away and not even miss it for extended periods of time. What about the iPhone? Does it provide you with the same option to forego the laptop. I'm thinking about trying an experiment next week where I do not use the laptop, but I'm not sure how well it will go. I do have VPN loaded on my iPhone, and I can access my work email as well as the internet, so most of the tools that I need on a daily basis to do my job will be at my fingertips. We shall see. I will update you in my next post with how well this experiment goes. In the meantime, let's talk about what I have done with my iPhone so far.

It took a little work, but I did finally get my Exchange account working and, after several unsuccessful tries that I've yet to figure out, I was able to get the App Store to accept my iTunes account and allow me to start downloading all those lovely apps. My first - iBooks. I really enjoyed the experience of reading on the iPad, so I wanted to see how the iPhone would compare.

Just downloaded a free copy of Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott. It's unbelievable how cool the graphics are. The little bookshelf looks like you can reach in and grab it. The list of available books is quite extensive as well. I've just begun to scratch the surface. However, I can see right off the bat that I'm going to need a book to help out with using this app on my iPhone. I have yet to figure out how to bookmark a page or how to return to the bookshelf after I've started reading a book. On the iPad, that seemed pretty simple, as all the buttons were right there. It's a good thing I know that the absolute best resource for learning to do things on the iPhone is about to hit the stores in September. I will of course get my copies of My iPhone, fourth edition, long before you all have a chance, but I highly suggest you go ahead and pre-order one. I know for a fact that author, Brad Miser, who has written many a book for me on everything Apple related, has included plenty of information on using iBooks as well as other cool new stuff that I've not even tried. Things like FaceTime are intimidating me at the moment, but I know that armed with Brad's book I'll be FaceTiming it with someone soon! So, for now, I will keep downloading and trying apps in preparation for my experiment next week. Let me know if you are able to survive with nothing but your iPhone (or other smartphone, if you happen to be a Droid fan or something) and what finally sends you running back to the laptop.