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Educating Through iPad Technology with Pearson's New Textbooks for iBooks2

The iPad along with Apple's iBooks Author application has created a new platform for digital content. One such example is Pearson's new textbooks for iBooks2. Here's a look at some of the great new features of these digital textbooks.

The iPad has turned out to be a revolutionary technology product that created a brand new platform for personal mobile computing. Since Que publishes guides and step-by-step tutorials on using iPad and Apple technologies, we want to share some exciting news from our sister publishers in the Pearson School division. The iPad is great fun, but it can also be incredibly beneficial for educational purposes. The possibilities for enhanced teaching and assessment aids within digital books are very exciting. Here’s a post our colleagues have written about the availability of education books made just for this device, and all of the advantages these new digital books offer.

Vriti Saraf describes how Pearson’s new textbooks for iBooks2 completely changes the textbook perception:

I am constantly on the look out for game changing technology, and I am exceedingly impressed by Pearson’s new textbooks for Apple’s iBooks2 app. Pearson Education has recently come out with 5 new textbooks specifically aligned to iPad capabilities; Geometry, Algebra 1, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science, with Algebra 2 coming soon.

Although I am no longer in high school, I imagine my former years with these interactive textbooks. This is what I love about them…

Weight: 0lbs.
I’ve uploaded all four texts on my iPad, assembled in a neat row in my Apple iBooks2 app. I can see my 16 year old shoulders streak free, no longer regretting the purchase of the cutest, most impractical canvas messenger bag.

Price: $14.99.

In high school, my parents purchased supplemental study material to ensure I was engaged in math. I bought all four of the Pearson textbooks for the iBooks2 at the same price as one of those supplemental books.

Engagement: Videos, Images, Models.

Animated videos accompany each chapter, along with beautiful high resolution images and interactive model examples. All 3D diagrams can be twisted, turned, flipped, and swiveled. And, each concept is chunked for a more digestible presentation.

Navigability: Intuitive.

Upon launching the text, I can click through a Table of Contents with drop downs for each sub-chapter. I can easily scroll through the content with a quick swipe, and close with a pinch…now causing the infamous sound of the textbook ‘thud’ to fade from my memory.

Functionality: Highlight, Notes, Bookmarks, Define, Search, Flashcards.

Within the text, I can highlight, write notes and place bookmarks where relevant. The highlighted words automatically generate flashcards for easy studying, anywhere. I can also select any word to define it, along with quickly searching for it in the rest of the text.

Differentiation: Practice, Practice, Practice

Pearson has interactive “Got it?” questions after each concept to ensure I understand the material. I can click to show the solution or receive relevant feedback. Engaging activities are also sprinkled through out. And, I can practice the Problem Solving Exercises right in the text.

I am already seeing a change in my habitual reader narcolepsy and also brushing up on some really fascinating facts! Pearson is making leaps with these new textbooks for iBooks2 and I’m excited for students and teachers to begin utilizing this awesome new resource.

Check out MyPearsonMobile.com for more information and a sample chapter!