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Ignite your interest with Kindle Fire!

Do you have a Kindle Fire? Know someone who does? Amazon's latest tablet device boasts a ton of features that deserve investigation. Don't miss this interview with Jim Cheshire, author of My Kindle Fire, where he dishes on what's covered and how it will help you master the device.

We’re excited to announce that the newest member of our My series, My Kindle Fire, has been released to the wild! With this sample PDF, you can get a look inside to see for yourself why we’re so thrilled.

I thought it would be fun to chat with author Jim Cheshire and find out why he’s such a fan of the Fire and learn what he’s included in his book. I found out that Jim has been a fan of the Kindle since its first incarnation and he’s spent a great deal of time getting to know this newest member of Amazon’s ereader family.

Loretta: Sales of the Kindle Fire have taken off—well, like wild fire! What do you like best about the Fire, and how do you help readers make the most of that feature in your book?

Jim: I really love the Kindle Fire, and I especially love how easy it is to use Amazon's cloud services using the Fire. In order to really get the most out of the it though, you need to have a good understanding of what Amazon offers in cloud services, and you also need to know how to configure those services using your web browser because there are things you can't do from the Kindle Fire itself. In My Kindle Fire, you'll learn exactly that, and you'll also learn about every feature your Kindle Fire has to offer, all in a user-friendly, non-techie way. I hope that readers will love My Kindle Fire as much as they love their Kindle Fire! The two really do go hand-in-hand.

Loretta: Why should someone buy a guide to using the Kindle Fire instead of just using the manual that comes with it?

Jim: The manual that comes with the Kindle Fire isn't anything like My Kindle Fire. The manual provides a brief description of using the major features, but it doesn't go into the level of detail that you'll get in my book. It's also important to realize that Amazon wrote the user manual as just that; a user manual. My Kindle Fire is much more--I give the reader step-by-step walkthroughs of all of the major features, and I also point out things that might not work exactly as you’d expect, I point out pitfalls, and I cover many topics that the manual doesn't cover.

Loretta: How is your book different from others covering the same subject matter?

Jim: I bought copies of the other guides so that I could get a feel for what they offer. My Kindle Fire covers a lot of things that aren't covered in other guides; it also has a multitude of beautiful, high-resolution screenshots, which means they look great when you zoom in on them on your Kindle Fire or other Kindle device. (They look beautiful in print, too.)

In addition to comprehensive Kindle Fire coverage, I cover using Calibre, a free application for Mac or PC that helps you manage your eBook library and convert and transfer books to your Kindle Fire. That's something you won't find in other guides. I also show how you can use free tools to convert your own videos and music and transfer them to your Kindle Fire—another big plus the other guides don’t offer.

Loretta: What are some of your favorite extra features in My Kindle Fire?

Jim: My Kindle Fire provides details on Kindle Fire features that are missing in other guides. For example, I have an entire chapter on using Amazon's Manage Your Kindle page, an important tool for managing your device. I also show how to use the Amazon's cloud services that tie directly into the Kindle Fire. Here are some other things readers won’t find in other guides:

  • A large number of walkthroughs for managing music playlists, including how to use cloud playlists.
  • Detail on how you can reinstall multiple apps at once in case you reset your Kindle Fire.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs on configuring all types of email accounts.
  • Info on handling attachments in your email application.
  • Tutorials on how to import contacts from your existing email application or cloud service and export your contacts in order to back them up.
  • Procedures on using Copy and Paste on the Kindle Fire.
  • Step-by-step examples show you how to use social networking integration with Facebook and others.
  • Walkthroughs on using the Gallery app, Pandora, Audible, and other popular apps.
  • Techniques that demonstrate how you can access files on other computers in your house right from your Kindle Fire.

These are just some of the things I covered in My Kindle Fire that I was surprised to discover other guides missed.

Loretta: That's a lot of coverage, and some of it looks like it might be a little bit technical. Do you think it will be easy for users who aren't at all technical to understand?

Jim: Absolutely! Que’s My series is designed to help readers—technical or not—easily find the information they need. First of all, I had a great team of people who worked hard to come up with just the right organization of the book so that all the tasks would be as easy to follow as possible. The book is task-based, so everything is covered using step-by-step walkthroughs, and there are high-quality color visuals for every step. There's also a numbered callout for each step of every walkthrough, so readers can see easily what to tap or where to go when they want to use a specific feature or complete a certain task.

Loretta: Thanks, Jim, for taking the time to talk with me today. You did a fabulous job on My Kindle Fire and I know readers are going to love it!

Jim: Thanks, Loretta! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and I hope readers will love it, too. They can find the book on Facebook to keep up on the latest news and updates.