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Manage multiple social networking accounts with TweetDeck

By  Jul 21, 2010

Topics: Internet & Web Apps

Do you have a Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and wonder how to simplify your status updates? Well, there are several applications that help you manage multiple social networking accounts. I'll tell you how to do it using my personal favorite: TweetDeck.

TweetDeck really started out by helping Twitter users organize their friend's tweets. It conveniently creates customized columns to filter only certain friends by creating groups. If you have many friends you follow, it doesn't take long to see how much easier it is to organize tweets with TweetDeck.

Then, Twitter itself added a similar idea and called it Twitter Lists. The nice thing about Twitter Lists is that you can share your lists and these lists can be accessed by any application using the Twitter API. TweetDeck quickly added Twitter Lists support as another way to filter your friends and will even convert your TweetDeck groups into Twitter Lists. I've gone exclusively to Twitter Lists now even within TweetDeck for the added flexibility between applications.

So, groups and lists helped organized all my friend's tweets and things on Twitter are now nicely managed. But what about other accounts like Facebook, Buzz, or LinkedIn? How do I get my status updates to also post on those accounts as well? Facebook has some apps (Twitter, FriendFeed, etc.) that will pull your status updates from other social networking accounts. However, what I really want is an application where I can enter my update once and post to multiple accounts. That’s exactly what TweetDeck can do.

As of version 0.34.2, TweetDeck supports the following social networking sites.

The screenshot below demonstrates how you can easily add an account to your TweetDeck profile. Each account will also perform a verification and once that has been done, you can then access the account via TweetDeck.

You can then do two things with these accounts. First, you can create a column to view updates for that account and filter these columns by type and/or groups. Below I’ve set up a LinkedIn column to only show new connections:

The column looks like:

Secondly, you can now also post an update simultaneously to multiple accounts. You simply click the button “Yes” for the account(s) you wish the update to post. See the example below on how I can update Twitter, FaceBook, and Buzz but not LinkedIn and FourSquare:

Here’s how the post appears on Facebook:

The ability to selectively post to multiple accounts provides a lot of control over how you post your updates. I use Facebook primarily for personal friends and family and Twitter and LinkedIn for more professional contacts. I can easily decide if the update I have in mind is appropriate for all my accounts or if I should be more selective. I’m sure many of my friends and family could care less about my blathering on about some of the latest news of tech I’m researching for work. So, I just post those updates to Twitter and LinkedIn.

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air application, which means you have to have Adobe Air installed on your computer. It’s a free app (like Adobe Reader for PDFs) that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. TweetDeck also offers native iPhone and iPad apps, although those currently lack functionality from the desktop versions.

Do you have a favorite app for managing multiple social networking accounts? Share it with us!