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March 25 - 31 2012 is VLOOKUP Week!

By  Mar 23, 2012

Topics: Computer Software

Finally! A full week dedicated to the one thing Excel power users covet: VLOOKUP. If you don't know about this handy function, next week is your chance to take it all in.

Excel power users could not live without their VLOOKUP function. This function can easily take hours of manual searching in Excel and replace it in just five minutes. However, less than 20% of people using Excel have actually mastered VLOOKUP. For many others, VLOOKUP simply strikes terror. It seems intimidating to set up, and then you get hit with some #N/A errors and you just give up.

QUE author Bill Jelen has declared March 25 – 31, 2012 to be VLOOKUP Week. He has invited all of his fellow Excel gurus to make one or more VLOOKUP-themed posts on their website during the week. At his MrExcel.com website, he will offer five podcasts about VLOOKUP and giveaways each day. Posts from across the web will be curated into a special blog at vlookupweek.wordpress.com.

Bill says, “There are many ways to use VLOOKUP. Knowing when to use which version is important, but there are also a host of functions which can enhance VLOOKUP, such as IFERROR, ISNA, TRIM, VALUE, INDEX, MATCH and many more. My goal with the week is to get more people comfortable with VLOOKUP and to take those people who already know VLOOKUP to the next level. For example, there will be articles on doing VLOOKUP Left or how to return the row with the *last* matching value. From beginners to experts, everyone can learn something during VLOOKUP week.”

Check back here during VLOOKUP Week for some VLOOKUP themed posts from QUE Authors. Feel free to let me know if you have something specific about VLOOKUP you've been dying to know.