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Quora Who?

By  Feb 4, 2011

Topics: Internet & Web Apps

What is the deal behind the new Q&A site called Quora? Does it matter to me as an individual or business owner? Good question.

In an age where media is constantly changing, improving and expanding, it’s a wonder how people sleep. Seriously. Every day, I am constantly stumbling upon the latest social media tool that has thrown every social media aficionado into frenzy.

What is the latest tool that has been brought to my attention? That would be Quora.
Quora is an up-and-coming question and answer site that allows its users to create, update and organize information posted to the site. The site was founded by two former Facebook engineers and it has been open to the public since June 2010.

The main draw to Quora is a users ability to post questions and answers on whatever topics that tickle their fancy, as well as search for ones that have already been posted.

Quora is not a new idea, but rather a twist on an old concept. Previous question and answers sites have failed because they didn't provide the basic community element that makes any social media site successful. Not only does Quora provide a space for its users to search and answer questions, it also allows them to build their network by following and connecting with other members.

Quora also gives their users the power to decide which answers stay and which answers go. Like Digg, users can vote the answers up or down based on the quality of the response.  That way, the best responses are at the top of the list for everyone to see, and the poorer answers are lost and forgotten at the bottom. 

I think Quora is worth a shot, so I’m going to take a chance, and use Quora for a few months to test the power of the site. Whether the site is going to be valuable from a marketing perspective is still up in the air. My guess? Quora will be fun for the early adopters and be lost on the mass population. However, I'm still going to try it. 

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of Quora?