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It seems like everyone is using Pinterest these days to help with party planning, organize virtual bookshelves, create dream wardrobes or plan their future (maybe fictitious) wedding. So, why not use a board to share a little bit about yourself?

Here’s our idea: Tell your #MyPinStory in 15 pins by finding images/links that match the phrases below. Then, challenge your friends!


1. Create a new board and title it #MyPinStory.

2. Tell your story with unique pins for each of the following 20 ideas. Make sure to include each phrase as the description under your picture to help friends understand your choice!

3. Pin this URL and challenge your friends to tell their own #MyPinStory.

Ready, Set, Pin:

1. Landmark from my hometown

2. Best book I read in 2011

3. Dream vacation spot

4. Favorite season – winter, spring, summer, fall

5. I can’t live without…

6. Favorite comfort food

7. All-time favorite movie

8. Something that makes me laugh…

9. Favorite sport or team

10. Something on my “bucket list”

11. Favorite color

12. I’m grateful for…

13. Favorite gadget or device

14. Something I dislike…

15. Favorite quote

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