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As Associate Publisher for Que Publishing, I wanted to write a quick post to talk about our new website and the key features we’ve added. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use site design that makes it simple to find the products our customers are looking for. We’re very excited about our new site, so take a look and let us know what you think!

If you have searched for Que products over the past couple of years, you’ve noticed that Que was a part of a larger Pearson website called InformIT.com. InformIT.com is a great IT information resource, but the majority of the products and content are geared to a higher-end audience of programmers, software engineers, and system administrators. We wanted to provide a special/unique place for end-users of technology—the Que customer—from this broader audience and build a site specifically designed for them. I think we’ve accomplished this task and made the experience fast and friendly at the same time.

Site design

The primary goal of the Que website is to simplify finding products and content. There are now three ways to find products or information. First, you can simply enter the search term in the prominently placed search box. This will return all matching online content or products from the online store. Secondly, you can drill-down by topic, by clicking on the Browse By Topic menu option. The categories are color-coded to match the page colors on the category pages.

Browse by Category

Finally, users can browse by format type and browse within each format category. For example, if you’re interested in finding out what videos we have on a specific topic, you can simply point to the Format category, pick Videos from the menu, and then select the topic from the list on the results page.

Browse by Format

We also wanted to display all of our content and products in all formats on one website. So, visitors can purchase any of our products (print and digital), read our online articles and blogs, listen to our podcasts, watch our online videos and subscribe to our information feeds and social networking updates. For example, the screenshot below demonstrates how visitors can easily see the products for purchase within the Business & Management category; access free online articles; read Blog posts and listen to Podcasts - all found and organized within the Business & Management category.

And there’s more!

We worked really hard to make it very easy to find your Que products but we didn’t stop there. We completely reworked our product information pages to include features like wish lists, social network sharing tools, enhanced product descriptions and demos, and one-click product registration. It’s also really simple to purchase our product bundles, all available product formats, and promotions all unified on one page!

We also know that not everyone is a book learner—many people prefer to learn by video. Packaged video products have been available for purchase on our sites for several years. However, with our new website, you can now immediately digitally download full video products. Or, if you’re only interested in a particular topic, you can download video by the lesson. Remember, our videos are created by the industries top talents—it’s like having an expert give you a private lesson! Look for streaming video formats in the future.

Looking for some free tips, techniques and tutorials in video and audio format? Check out our Que podcast channels. You can easily subscribe to them directly from our site or through our podcast channels on iTunes. Currently, we have 3 live channels: OnHomeandOffice, On WebMarketing, and On Demand.  Look for additional channels coming later this year.

Some topics our authors come up with are just not long enough for a book or even a short eBook. Online articles are a great way to get this type of information to our customers and we can do it very quickly. Again, these articles are written by Que authors and contain the same quality content you have come to expect from Que. I’d suggest subscribing to our articles RSS feed so you don’t miss any of this free, valuable information.

With so many editors, authors, industry insiders and customers working with Que day-in and day-out, we just had to add blogging to the Que website for this community. We’re starting fresh, so look for more and more of our authors, editors, and industry contacts to contribute. We really hope our registered users join in and add their thoughts on posted subjects as well. I plan on posting my thoughts, opinions and insights here, so look out! We anticipate this being a great additional resource for the Que website.

The New Using series
We’re also excited to re-launch our flagship Using series. Que’s Using series has been the cornerstone series from Que since its beginning. In 2010, we updated its design and approach to better reflect today’s market for technology reference products. We made the series interior design flexible enough to be consistent across the wide variety of formats customers seek today: print, eBook, Kindle, iPad, Web online, etc. We accomplished this without having to sacrifice readability or feature functionality. In fact, Using is now a rich-media product that incorporates multiple forms of media to assists users in learning. Right now Using incorporates: text reference and step-by-step, screenshots & illustrations, video how-tos and audio extras. We are dedicated to continuing to add more formats as technology develops and keep the Using series fresh. You’ll find a dedicated Using page on the Que website that provides all you need for the series.

Whew, a lot to cover! And it didn’t happen without a lot of team work and coordination. I’d like to publicly thank the Que Editorial and Marketing teams as well as our snap Web Development team. I know everyone here at Que is proud of the site and we hope our authors and customers find it valuable. So, come register and help us build a community of end-users eager to learn, discuss and share.