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The True Gem of Windows Phone 7

You may have missed the official launch of Windows Phone 7 yesterday, but there have been numerous blog posts, articles, television interviews, and viral videos surfacing ever since. What are the more sparkling gems to come to light?

You can select from a variety of nine phones. You can receive free unlimited music for three months with a Zune Pass for pre-ordering the phone. You have the ability to ring your phone from the Web if you can’t find it. The Xbox LIVE Game Hub gives you an arcade in the palm of your hand. True, these are interesting little nuggets to consider; but, I believe there is one other that outshines them all – the Office Hub.


All Windows Phones will ship with Office Mobile Applications – PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel, and of course Outlook – and you’ll be able to create, open, edit, and collaborate with others on these documents. [Note: Copy and Paste functionality won’t be available out of the box, but Microsoft said yesterday that they’ll include it in a free update in early 2011.] You can probably pin-point what the functionality and possibilities of the cornerstone applications will be, but you might ask yourself why OneNote is included in this mix.

OneNote is quite possibly the most under estimated application in the Office suite. Its latest version boasts the Ribbon interface and new features specifically geared to simplify note taking. With OneNote Mobile, there will be nothing to install, just visit the cool tile for the Office Hub. You can create and store new notes on your phone, you can attach a voice message to your notes via your phone, and you can add notes to an existing OneNote notebook that is then synchronized to Windows Live SkyDrive. This way, you can access and organize all your notes not only from your PC or phone, but from any device, anywhere.

I look forward to making the leap to a Smartphone (sigh, yes, my phone still flips in the middle) and I will choose Windows Phone 7. Not only for the dedicated camera key, the tie-in with Windows Live, and the ability to choose a device that suits my needs; but mostly for the integrated Office experience to which I am so accustomed.

Do you currently use the new Office Web apps on your iPhone or Android? How do they stack up? Is the combination of Office Mobile and Microsoft Exchange a reason for you to consider kicking the Blackberry habit?