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On December 15, 2010 Quepublishing.com and InformIT.com rolled out a new commenting feature that is powered by the DISQUS commenting engine and appears for all podcasts, articles and blogs. We're excited about the ease of use and powerful new features and in this post I'll talk about the new features and how we'll use it to drive more community feedback on our sites.

One of the key advantages of publishing content online is being able to tap into social media and create a sense of community around the content. To have content that site visitors can not only read, but provide their personal feedback only adds to the value of the content to other visitors. That's just not something you can do with print media.

We've had commenting on our sites since launch, but we wanted to expand the features and make it even easier to get the community involved. After analyzing several commenting engines, we selected DISQUS. Here are a few of the improved features we now have for leaving feedback on our articles, blog posts and podcasts.

Common login IDs
DISQUS is a commenting engine that is used on many of the popular sites and blogs, such as Mashable, CNN, TechCrunch, Fox News, and Engadget.  By using your DISQUS account login, users can manage all of their comments from the DISQUS site. In addition, your email address can be hidden if you chose not to share it publicly.
DISQUS also supports using your Facebook and Twitter logins. Visitors can make use of their social networking accounts and also post comments as status updates or tweets. DISQUS also supports using users' Yahoo! or OpenID logins giving our site communities several options for leaving comments and logging in. 

We also currently support leaving anonymous comments whereby users need not have a userid or login. We hope we can continue to support this feature and it is used in an appropriate manner.

Subscribe to the discussion
For posts with very active discussions, it is now possible to subscribe by email or RSS feed to the comments being posted. This feature is great for our authors to see what is being said about the content and to be able to respond if there are questions. It's also great to see what's going on in a very active discussion on a particular post or if a user has posted a comment in the form of a question and is waiting to see if anyone has replied.

Like it!
Another popular feature that has been added is the ability  to "like" or "don't like" the posted content. This really helps us as publishers to track the content that is really valued on our site. Users also have the ability to "Like" another users' post, which in turn helps that user build higher "liked" ratings on our site. We're hoping down the road to be able to reward those users with really high user ratings in some way.

Community views
DISQUS has some very nice views to seeing who is in the website's community and who are the most active contributors. By clicking on the expand community box icon, users can see who are the most active members of the site, who is the most liked and who is new to the community.

Better comment moderation

Comments are great, spam is not. With DISQUS the site administrators have a greater control to filter spam and unwanted comments. No one wants to see ads for duct cleaning or links to untoward or malicious third party sites. We promise not to filter out the negative comments, but want to also ensure comments are posted that are not offensive to the common person.

We hope you enjoy the new commenting features on our sites and I strongly encourage you to engage in our community discussions. You'll find many people eager to help and encourage and can make your online experience much more enriching.

So, go ahead and leave a comment. Oh, and feel free to like this post!